Serena McKay Video: 1st Video Of 19-Year-Old’s Death Still Shared Via Facebook Messenger – 2nd Video’s Threats

A video of 19-year-old Serena McKay being brutally beaten and murdered was circulating around Facebook until it was removed. According to CBC News, Serena seemingly appeared in a second video that featured McKay saying that she was sorry, even as Serena was losing her life to her attackers. Although the video surfaced on Facebook on Wednesday and remained on Facebook for hours before being removed, the publication notes that the video of McKay could still be shared via Facebook Messenger.

The videotaped attack on Serena took place in Manitoba’s Sagkeeng First Nation, and after videos surfaced on Facebook of the attack — with one of those Facebook users posting the video attack on McKay in a public Facebook post — the debate about violent videos appearing on Facebook has been renewed.

Similar to other publications, CBC News has reported viewing the Facebook videos of Serena’s beating, both the longer video and a shorter video of McKay’s attack. The publication notes that the longer graphic video of Serena’s beating displays the face of the victim, believed to be McKay.

McKay went missing on Sunday, and Serena’s body was found close to a house in Sagkeeng, northeast of Winnipeg. After the Facebook videos of McKay’s beating went viral, Serena’s classmates told their high school principal about the presence of the videos of McKay. The videos of Serena have caused dismay to McKay’s mother, and Sagkeeng Chief Derrick Henderson advised Facebook to remove all copies of the video.

Plus, Henderson stated that he requested both Facebook along with the major crimes unit to work to remove the videos of Serena, even though he admitted he knows it’s difficult to get videos pulled back once they have been spread. The horrific tragedy cataloged in the video of McKay’s beating death is one that a Facebook spokesperson said that they could not locate on Facebook.

Instead, tribute videos for Serena could be found in the videos tab on Facebook after the longer video of McKay’s beating death was removed from Facebook. The McKay video that was of a longer length appeared on Facebook for four hours or more on Wednesday, after being removed from Facebook.

According to Heavy, the publication has viewed the video of McKay’s beating death but made the decision not to publish the brutal video.

Although some publications are attributing both Facebook videos to Serena’s death, Manitoba RCMP is continuing to investigate whether or not the viral videos being attributed to McKay’s death actually display Serena in the tragic videos. The Facebook videos are being called shocking, with those who have witnessed the videos of Serena being dismayed at the fact that people could record such violent events without helping McKay.

In the wake of the videos of McKay going viral, a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old girl have been taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder in McKay’s death.

Serena said, ‘I’m so sorry,’ in Facebook video

The longer video of what is presumed to be McKay’s beating death has a gruesome description, with reports of Serena’s head allegedly having been stomped on as the attacker wore a heavy boot. McKay’s bones reportedly cracked, as could be heard in the Facebook video, as people cursed at Serena as she apologized.

“I’m so sorry.”

It wasn’t clear why McKay was apologizing at this time, however, one of her attackers then issued a death threat to McKay.

“If you send anyone after me I will kill you. I will f****** kill you myself.”

The Trend of Facebook Death Videos

Serena’s video is being called the latest in a disturbing trend of “death videos” either being streamed online via Facebook Live, or recorded and shared via Facebook. As a result, Facebook users are being urged to report such disturbing videos.

Recently, the “Cleveland Facebook killer” posted a Facebook video of the killing of Robert Godwin, Sr., which went viral.

Folks who record such videos and upload them to Facebook aren’t necessarily doing anything illegal say experts, as long as they did not participate in the actual crime. However, those who record such videos in lieu of helping the victim, if possible, might face charges as assisting in the crime, based on the individual case.

McKay’s Death Might Have Been Due to Drugs and Money Problems in Sagkeeng

The death of McKay shown in the horrific Facebook videos could have been the result of community issues such as drugs and economic issues in Sagkeeng, according to the chief.

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