Where Can You Still Buy The Nintendo NES Classic Edition?

Earlier this month, Nintendo announced that the NES Classic Edition has been officially discontinued despite thousands of potential customers still waiting for stocks. The gaming company said that the console was never meant to be produced long-term, and so buyers are scrambling to get one before all stores run out of stock.

Nintendo’s store in New York City has officially announced that the NES Classic Edition will no longer be sold at the store as of Thursday, April 27. The store is one of the most reliable sources of the NES Classic. I4U News reported that about 100 units were arriving to Nintendo NYC almost each day, but it has a stringent requirement for all buyers so it was not ideal for hoarders.

According to Nintendo, its last stocks of the NES Classic Edition are shipping this month, meaning that fans will not see units in any retailer soon enough. Best Buy, for example, has ran out of stocks after releasing a wave on Monday.

Campers line up outside Best Buy

The good news is that more than 150 Target branches have the NES Classic Edition in stock as of this Thursday, and over 100 Walmart stores likewise have some on hand. Interested buyers should check BrickSeek and iStockNow, which track the inventory level of the console in stores. These websites also send alerts when a store receives stocks.

Amazon Prime Now members can also get a unit if it becomes available to them. Dallas and New York recently offered the NES Classic within the last day, but stocks are very low.

Good news for those who will not be able to get one at the store is that hoarders of the initial stocks still have some left. However, they are selling the NES Classic for way more than its original price.

Nintendo and retail stores are selling it for $59.99, but independent sellers on Amazon and Walmart are asking for at least $200. The price will only go higher once the last stocks have been shipped out.

Why Did Nintendo Stop Production?

Meanwhile, many are shocked and disappointed at Nintendo’s decision to axe the product. The NES Classic Edition proved to be so popular that the demands were so much higher than expected, so it is a wonder as to why the company would cut the production of a money cow.

But we might know why Nintendo decided to discontinue it. The Inquisitr previously reported that a Mini SNES is in the works and like the NES Classic, it is slated to be released just in time for the holidays.

Mini SNES pictured
[Image by Andrés Álvarez Iglesias/Flickr/CC BY 2.0]

It is poised to be even bigger than the NES in that it has a way better games lineup. Titles like Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past should be enough to make the Mini SNES explode larger than its sibling. It’s worth nothing, though, that we cannot know at this time what titles will be included.

It is also expected that Nintendo will produce and ship more units to be able to keep up with the demands this time. However, as it is Nintendo after all, fans should not expect too much and just prepare for its release. As buyers will likely be more aggressive in getting the console, expect that the Mini SNES will be even more limited.

Nintendo has not yet officially confirmed the Mini SNES, but we have every indication that it is coming. It will be possibly announced in November and will continue to be shipped through the next year. But like the NES Classic, it might also receive the axe sometime in the second quarter of 2018.

[Featured Image by Ace Diamond/Shutterstock]