Taylor Kinney Blasts Shock Jock Kyle Sandilands After Questions About Lady Gaga And Masturbation

Taylor Kinney may still have feelings for Lady Gaga!

Even though it’s been nearly a year since Lady Gaga and her fiance Taylor Kinney split after five years together, the actor may still have feelings for the “Million Reasons” hitmaker.

Taylor Kinney is such a baby!! Eyes, lips…???? pic.twitter.com/gasfpWXXOs-???? (@Mari_Kinney) April 27, 2017

Taylor Kinney unleashed his rage on KIIS FM host Kyle Sandilands when the latter asked the actor about his former flame Lady Gaga. The interview between Kyle Sandilands and Taylor Kinney – airing Friday morning – touched upon all kinds of inappropriate, 18+ topics, including sex, masturbation, and sex addiction.

Taylor Kinney blasted shock jock Kyle Sandilands after he started asking questions about his former fiance Lady Gaga. The Chicago Fire actor started throwing fireballs at Sandilands after the KIIS FM host asked Kinney to reveal the reason why he and Gaga split in July, 2016.

While Kyle Sandilands’s question was rather innocent, Taylor Kinney blasted the host saying it was “a bit presumptuous” and turned the tables on the Aussie radio host by asking vulgar questions about his own sex life, according to Yahoo! News.

“Are you gay, straight, married, what are you?”

Kyle Sandilands’s co-host, Jackie “O” Henderson, was quick to jump into the heated up conversation to say that Sandilands, 45-years-old, is straight and has a girlfriend. She did, however, reveal that “there was this situation with a transvestite,” which only fueled Taylor Kinney’s interest grilling Sandilands about his sex life.

Taylor Kinney then asked about why Kyle Sandilands’s marriage to Tamara Jaber ended – the apparent revenge for Sandilands asking about why Kinney’s engagement with Lady Gaga ended last year – and the KIIS FM shock jock had plenty to say about his ex.

“One day she brought home a list of things she hated about me and I realized that was my whole personality so I left.”

And then Taylor Kinney pressured Kyle Sandilands into revealing he had been a sex addict for two years before meeting the person he fell in love with.

While Kyle Sandilands had seemingly answered all of Taylor Kinney’s not-appropriate-for-morning-radio questions about his sex life, the KIIS FM shock jock expected the actor to reveal the reason for his split from Lady Gaga. But Kinney wasn’t finished. Not just yet.

“Jesus, you’re a sex addict?”

When asked by Taylor Kinney – infuriated by the innocent question about his ex fiance Lady Gaga – how frequently he masturbates, Kyle Sandilands wasn’t puzzled by the question and his response was bluntly honest.

“Let me just say I haven’t jerked off for a while. When was the last time you jerked off?”

This time, Taylor Kinney decided to answer Kyle Sandilands’s question, revealing that he masturbates “every now and then.”

“I just like to, you know, I get it out.”

Then their vulgar conversation turned to cars, with Taylor Kinney calling Toyota Prius vehicles “vagina cars,” according to the Daily Mail.

Eventually Taylor Kinney and Kyle Sandilands stopped grilling one another, with the shock jock telling the actor that he’d “let him off the hook” on the Lady Gaga questions, “because I like you.”

The vulgar catfight between Taylor Kinney and Kyle Sandilands was cut from live air shortly after things started getting dirty. The interview was apparently cut short by a female publicist, prompting the Aussie shock rock to jokingly ask, “Who’s this? Gaga is that you?”

Unleashing rage is a good thing. You do need to “get it out” every now and then, right? Besides, this is a good way to dodge questions about your former flame – and Taylor Kinney has just proven that turning the tables on someone trying to ask inappropriate questions is a good way to get out of a tricky conversation.

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