Rebel Wilson Sues Media Group For Sabotaging Her Film Career

Rebel Wilson is launching a lawsuit against Bauer Media, charging that the corporation’s various magazines are responsible for sabotaging her career. Rebel is charging that she lost a number of film roles after the magazines labeled her a “serial liar” in a series of articles. Ms. Wilson, best known for her roles in the Pitch Perfect franchise and 2016’s How to Be Single, alleges that the articles deliberately defamed her character and caused studios to view her as a problem actress.

Rebel Wilson Goes on the Offensive to Prove She’s Not a Liar

Rebel Wilson, Bauer Media
Rebel Wilson is suing Bauer Media for sabotaging her career. [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Herald Sun reports that Rebel Wilson’s lawsuit against Bauer Media encompasses Women’s Weekly, Woman’s Day, and OK! Magazine. The suit contends that those magazines were responsible for a series of articles in which it was reported that Wilson has repeatedly lied about her age for the purpose of getting film roles and advancing her career.

In one article, Wilson alleges the writer goes to greater lengths in trying to establish the idea that she’s a “serial liar,” who tells fabricated stories in the hopes of getting attention from the right Hollywood moguls.

Summing up her allegations, Rebel says the articles claim the Pitch Perfect star has lied about her age, her real name, and her background, all for the purposes of getting cast in Hollywood blockbusters. Ms. Wilson adds that none of the magazines had contacted her for comment before running the stories.

Mediation has failed between the actress and Bauer Media, so Rebel is expected to testify next month when she will provide evidence proving that the statements made by Bauer Media have destroyed her reputation, cost her promising acting roles, and effectively sabotaged her career.

“Ms. Wilson will give evidence that after the articles, her contracts were terminated,” said Renee Enbom, lawyer for Rebel Wilson. “She was told she was too divisive… it’s destroyed (her) reputation as a fair and honest person.”

Hollywood producer Peter Principato (Central Intelligence, Wet Hot American Summer) is expected to testify on Wilson’s behalf, sharing a professional opinion on the effects the articles have had on Rebel’s career.

Rebel Shares Her Vacation with Her Fans

Desert conditions x

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Before launching her lawsuit against Bauer Media, Daily Mail reports that Ms. Wilson spent some time away from the limelight, though she happily shared moments from her vacation with fans. Turning Easter into a long weekend getaway, Rebel spent the holiday in Palm Springs, Florida, with Hugh Sheridan and shared her downtime with Instagram followers.

In one picture, Rebel posed in a knitted black dress thrown over a black one-piece bathing suit, as she stood by a pool. Sunglasses and a black visor helped Wilson stay protected from the sun, while also concealing her identity from any curious fans in the area.

“Desert conditions,” was the caption Wilson added to the picture.

Fans were supportive of Rebel, adding comments that expressed love for the actress and sharing desires to spend the weekend with the Pitch Perfect star.

In another post, Rebel is seen sharing a giant chocolate Easter egg with pal Sheridan and, while Hugh is clearly enjoying a bite of the egg, Rebel appears to be shocked by her friend’s wanton destruction of the chocolate treat.

More recently, Rebel and Hugh have been sharing their exploits at Disneyland. The actress added a picture of that trip as well, showing Sheridan and herself posing in front of a park castle.

“Happiest place on Earth,” Rebel captioned that image.

Happiest Place on Earth! #Club33 #Disneyland

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In another picture, Wilson reveals the exciting reason she and Hugh were visiting Disneyland. The duo are seen smiling at their dinner table, while the caption boasts about Rebel’s new accomplishment.

“Very fine dining x so happy to be officially initiated into Club 33 today #Disneyland ps Johnny Depp was having dinner here at this table last night!”

Rebel Wilson will be returning as Fat Amy when Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters on December 22.

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