‘Vikings’ Season 5: Who Is The New Character Called King Angantyr And What Does This Mean For Lagertha?

It seems that Vikings star Katheryn Winnick has shared a Season 5 new character announcement via her Instagram account recently. But just who is King Angantyr and what does his character’s arrival mean for the rest of the Vikings?

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses History’s Vikings as well as the historical stories surrounding the Vikings. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid potential spoilers.

Katheryn Winnick, who plays Lagertha in History Channel’s Vikings, shared an image of her and two of her brothers who are also appearing in Season 5 of Vikings. Katheryn noted that all three of the Winnick siblings not only “shared the same scene,” but also the same frame.

This happened..Yesterday on the set of Vikings.. all 3 Winnick’s shared the same scene.. same frame????#Lagertha #KingAngantyr #Bommy #blueeyedsiblings #missingDaria #waitforit

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While the image saw many Vikings fans commenting on the piercing blue eyes Katheryn and her brothers share, it was one of the hashtags used that got history buffs excited. Katheryn had included the hashtag #KingAngantyr, which is likely a reference to the scene involved, and potentially giving fans a name for one of her brothers in Season 5 of Vikings.

But who is King Angantyr and how will he affect the plot moving forward into Season 5 of Vikings?

Historically, there are, potentially, three characters who bear the name Angantyr. These characters appear in three separate sources: the Hervarar saga, Gesta Danorum, and the Faroese ballads.

History Channel's 'Vikings,' Season 5, King Angantyr, Lagertha as seen in Season 4
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All three characters are related and their story usually involves the famous — and deadly — magical sword called Tyrfing. This sword was supposed to cut through anything easily and would kill a man every time it was unsheathed.

The first instance of Angantyr occurs when Angantyr (known as Angantyr the Beserker) and eleven of his brothers visit Uppsala in the hope one of them, Hjorvard, would win the hand of Ingeborg. Things did not go according to plan when one of her father’s champions stepped in and claimed he deserved Ingeborg over Hjorvard. A battle ensued and Angantyr, along with all of his brothers, were killed. They were all buried, the sword included, in barrows on the Danish island of Samso.

The next instance refers to Angantyr Hofundsson, the grandson of the original Angantyr. He was also killed by Tyrfing. It was his curiosity at seeing Tyrfing unsheathed that was his downfall because, as mentioned previously, the sword will kill a man every time it was revealed.

History's 'Vikings,' Season 5, King Angantyr, Bjorn Ironside as seen in Season 4
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Angantyr Heidreksson is the final character mentioned in the Viking sagas that could represent King Angantyr in Season 5 of Vikings. He is the great-grandson of the original Angantyr. When his father died, Angantyr Heidreksson refused to share his claim with his brother, Hlod. A battle ensued and, in the end, Hlod was killed. Angantyr is said to be one of the ancestors of the Swedish kings of the House of Munso. Another famous Viking who is believed to be a founding member of his house is Bjorn Ironside (portrayed by Alexander Ludwig in History Channel’s Vikings). It is this Angantyr that Den of Geek think History Channel will use in Season 5 of Vikings.

While it is unclear just how Lagertha will interact with King Angantyr in Season 5 of Vikings, there is an interesting story involving Hervor, the daughter of Angantyr the Beserker. In this tale, Hervor traveled to Samso and convinced her father’s ghost to give up Tyrfing. She then went on to become a shieldmaiden. Perhaps this story could explain how Lagertha, also a shieldmaiden, could be involved with King Angantyr in Season 5 of Vikings.

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You can view the official trailer for Season 5 of Vikings below.

Vikings has been confirmed by History Channel as returning in 2017 with Season 5.

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