April 28, 2017
Mitchell Trubisky Taken By Chicago Bears After A Stunning NFL Draft Day Trade

Mitchell Trubisky to the Chicago Bears is not what anyone following the NFL draft expected. What was more of a surprise was how the Bears went about acquiring the North Carolina quarterback. Mitchell Trubisky is the franchise quarterback for the Chicago Bears. Just the thought of Trubisky playing for the Bears is a head-scratcher.

In a stunning move, the Chicago Bears made a trade to select a quarterback. Unlike what most NFL observers anticipated, where the Bears would make a pick at No. 3 and find a way to trade back into the first round, the Bears did something different.

The Chicago Bears caught everyone off guard in the NFL draft and traded up one spot, as reported by CSN Chicago, with the San Francisco 49ers for their No. 2 pick. With the selection, the Bears opted to take Mitchell Trubisky. As compensation for moving up one spot in the draft, the Chicago Bears sent picks 3, 67, and 111. Along with the picks in the middle rounds of this year, the Bears sent the 49ers a third round pick next season.

The Bears get the quarterback in Mitchell Trubisky that most scouts considered as the passer most ready to contribute immediately if called upon. Trubisky is an accurate passer, with good size, and a great feel for the rush inside the pocket.

There is a knock on Trubisky, however -- playing experience.

Essentially the Chicago Bears are getting a quarterback who is still green as a starter. Trubisky went 8-5 in his only season as a starter with North Carolina. That could be a gift or a curse for the Bears.

Mitchell Trubisky has very little game film on him. Which means the Chicago Bears had to do a lot of homework on him in order to be willing to trade up to get him.

It is difficult to gameplan for a quarterback with so many unknowns. Because Mike Glennon was signed to be the opening day starter, the Bears can take their time and develop Trubisky. By bringing him along slowly, the Bears' coaches will be able to teach him good footwork and iron out the small mechanical issues he has in his throws. There will be at least a season for Trubisky to learn the nuances of the NFL game, as well as the Chicago Bears' playbook.

Do not expect a quarterback controversy with the Bears regarding Mitchell Trubisky and Mike Glennon. Bears' general manager Ryan Pace quickly nipped that notion in the bud during his Bears' post-draft press conference (courtesy of the Chicago Bears' team website) seen below.

According to USA Today, the Bears have also informed their latest addition that Glennon will be the starter in Chicago. The North Carolina prospect appeared to have no problems with biding his time.
"I'm going to go into a great situation, where Mike is the starter. So I look forward to learning from him and the other veterans on the team. I just have to come in, prove myself, learn the offense as quick as possible and help the Chicago Bears win."
The downside to the Bears trading up for Trubisky is the idea that they reached for a player who might have been available at No. 3.

What no one outside of the Chicago Bears' front office knows is whether or not the San Francisco 49ers were in trade talks with other teams. That is except for the 49ers.

With at least three other teams interested in Mitchell Trubisky, the Bears could have simply acted fast in aggressively trading for the 49ers' No. 2 pick.

Moving up one spot to take Trubisky could prove to be costly for the Chicago Bears, who do not have a third round pick in this year's draft.

Starters are usually found in the third round. With the Bears heading into the NFL draft with two picks in the third there was a hope that at least a starter would come out of one of those picks. Now the onus is on the Chicago Bears to hit big with their second round selection.

The risk of not having drafted an immediate starter in the first two days of the NFL draft is present. If it works out for the Chicago Bears, and Mitchell turns out to be the NFL's next great quarterback, then general manager Ryan Pace will come out looking like a genius. But it is the NFL draft, which usually determines booms and busts after three seasons.

With the trade that took place for the Chicago Bears, they gave themselves a window of time as the rebuilding process has earnestly begun. The Bears have a star running back in place with Jordan Howard, the offensive line is solid, now they have to add the other elements to be a contending team.

[Featured Image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]