‘Southern Charm’ Cameran Eubanks Announces She Is Pregnant With A Baby Girl

Cameran Eubanks’ story line on Southern Charm Season 3 was all about being unsure she wanted to have children at all, and now, she is announcing that she and husband Jason Wimberly are expecting their first child, a girl, in the fall. Wow, that was a fast turn around! Now in Season 4, Southern Charm will see Cameran celebrate her 33rd birthday in Key West on the show, and it was a last hurrah to life as a married couple, child-free. Cameran and Jason’s baby will join Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel’s children, Kensie and Saint Ravenel, and Jennifer Snowden’s son Ascher as the fourth Southern Charm baby.

Cameran Eubanks is completing some serious life cycles while on Southern Charm, as she got married around the first season of the show, and now, as Southern Charm Season 4 airs, she is pregnant with her first baby, a girl. In just a few weeks, the whole cast of Southern Charm will celebrate Cameran’s 33rd birthday down in Florida, and it will be a big, big party, says the Inquisitr. Cameran is among the younger cast members, with only Kathryn, Austen, and Craig as the main Southern Charm cast members who are younger. On last week’s Southern Charm, fans saw Shep celebrating his 37th birthday cruising around the Charleston harbor.

Southern Charm star Cameran and her husband Jason Wimberley, a doctor, are celebrating their third anniversary and thought it was the right time to add a third to their party. Cameran and Jason have publicly announced that Cameran is due in the fall.

“Times a changin’ y’all! Baby GIRL Wimberly will be touching down this fall! Excited (and nervous) for this next chapter in life!”


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And of course, her Southern Charm friends took to social media to congratulate Cameran and Jason. Jennifer Snowden, who let Cameran hold her own baby, Ascher, perhaps giving her the baby bug, was first with the congrats.

“Omg congrats @cameraneubanks. Ascher has a girlfriend!!!!!”

But Ascher might have to arm wrestle Saint Ravenel for the honor of next generation Southern Charm couple. New cast member Chelsea Meissner, who has been a friend of Cameran off and on screen for years was next to wish the couple good luck.

“You’re gonna be such an awesome momma. So stoked for you two!”

And of course, Cameran and Jason will need some babysitters, and an unlikely caretaker has stepped forward, as the Southern Charm resident bachelor, Shep has stepped forward to volunteer his services to watch baby Wimberly. Even before finding out that Cam was actually expecting, Shep said he was game to babysit.

“[I’m] sort of envious on a certain level. She lives a very good and fun and easy life now. She’s grappling with maybe having a child. I think she’s gonna do it. I think she’d be great and she’s a dork anyway. She stays home anyway, so she might as well just have a little rug rat running around. So I think she’s coming around when we talk about it.”

The Bravo Southern Charm preview showed Cameran telling her mother that she had pitched her birth control pills and that she had decided to have a baby with husband Jason. But after that big leap, it’s good to have babysitting services lined up. Shep says that he is glad to watch little lady Wimberly under one condition.

“No one’s ever asked me to babysit, believe it or not. But I’m sure I’d do it — as long as they have a phone charger.”

That sounds like a small price for the Southern Charm couple to pay for a sitter, and Shep is good with younger women after all.

Do you think Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks will be a great mom?

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