TMI: Bella Thorne Takes It Too Far On Social Media

Bella Thorne may have taken it too far on social media. The Famous In Love star loves to be close to her fans. She often interacts with them on Twitter. She may have taken it too far with her latest Snapchat post. Bella documented her latest bikini wax appointment that raised eyebrows.

The 19-year-old documented her first bikini wax experience on April 25. It looked awkward and painful, reports Hollywood Life. Thorne took to Snapchat and Instagram to share the experience. Though her photographer made sure to blur out Thorne’s private parts, she let it all hang out. Thorne didn’t care that she got naked for the camera.

Bella wasn’t cool with the idea of getting waxed. She loves to embrace her body hair. She has made it public that she doesn’t like to shave her armpits or her leg hair. That didn’t stop her from giving waxing a try. Throughout the video, Bella is heard screaming and wincing in pain. At one point, she sits up and examines her nether regions.

This isn’t the first time that she’s been TMI on social media. Just a day before, Thorne shared a video of herself making out with her female friend. According to another Hollywood Life report, the two were making out all night on the dancefloor. Thorne’s BFF Lo is often seen in her Snapchat videos and photos. The two took to another level when they started making out on the dancefloor one night.

Smiley b????????❤️ #friyay

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In the provocative video, Bella holds the camera while Lo holds her face and kisses her lips. Her friend even slipped in a little tongue. Bella captioned the video “our first kiss,” but it looks like they have done this before. She was heard saying, “Ok Lo,” when her friend tried to kiss her in the car on the way home.

The former Disney star also flashed her nipple ring in another Snapchat post. She bared it all when she snapped a racy photo of herself in a sheer top. According to The Sun, Thorne showed off her nipple ring in a white sheer halter-style top that left little to the imagination. She paired her look with black leather pants, a black choker, and green hair. This comes after Thorne fired back at haters who slut-shamed her over her racy posts.

She spoke out about it to Seventeen at the premiere of Famous In Love in New York City. Bella has a lot of feelings on the critics that judge her for her carefree lifestyle.

“I think people will watch Paige’s decisions and they won’t judge me so harshly. Because they will like Paige and she did sleep with three guys in this series. She literally falls in love with more than 3 people and I’m just seen out with a guy and all the sudden I’m some whore. Are you kidding me right now? Like how are you even saying those words on social media? You’re such a mean person. That is so terrible.”

Bella says she can relate to her character. The only difference between them is their personal style. But, Bella admits she gets judged over her new look. It sounds like Bella’s character is like the old version of herself.

“Paige – you like her because she’s got the nice red, sweet hair and looks like a sweetheart and that’s just not fair,” Thorne said.

“Because of the way I look, you have to think of me in some sort of way? Don’t judge a book by its cover. Social media is so beautiful in that you get to share your thoughts with everyone. But, of course, it’s a numbers game so for every great person you’re going to have somebody that’s not so great who is willing to spread hate, that’s insecure.”

Thorne says she’ll never change the way she uses social media. She will continue to be open and honest with her fans. She also plays along, like she’s in on the joke. For instance, Thorne added the snake emoji to her Instagram bio since her fans kept spamming her with it.

What are your thoughts on Bella Thorne’s social media posts? Do you think she takes it too far? Sound off below in the comments section.

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