‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Choking Jake Scene Horrifies Viewers, ‘Jelly’ Writing Team Goes Too Far?

General Hospital spoilers promise Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) is terrified he did something to harm his son, Jake Spencer (Hudson West), and on Thursday’s GH, his guilt led him to a nightmare. This dream sequence horrified and shocked GH fans who watched Jason choke his young son while the child struggled. You can rewatch a clip of General Hospital showing the shocking scene below.

Did General Hospital Go Too Far Today?

General Hospital spoilers from Soap She Knows predict a trip to Cassadine Island in May sweeps will help sort this out and clearly Jake is afraid of his dad, Jason, but the version of him with his former Steve Burton face, not the Billy Miller face he wears now. Even though it was just a nightmare sequence, social media exploded today after General Hospital aired and fans were outraged.

“I’m disgusted. You people are all filth,” one fan tweeted to GH showrunners Frank Valentini and Nathan Varni, as well as co-writers Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman. Comments on that tweet turned into a stream of anger and frustration with the writers not only for putting a child actor into that circumstance, but also for how this storyline has misaligned a legacy character beloved by fans.

Jason Morgan’s Character Broken By Twisted Rewrites

This is just the latest in a string of General Hospital fan frustrations over the Jason-Jake-Helena storyline that has twisted character history. According to General Hospital history, Jake was kidnapped by Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), but his parents and viewers thought he was dead. This was torn apart by Jake’s resurrection under Ron Carlivati’s reign as GH head writer.

From there, General Hospital episodes had Jason shot by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove), then kidnapped by Helena, where he was kept frozen due to injuries, and then he was thawed, immediately escaped, ran off with Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough), and was struck by a car necessitating facial reconstruction. There was no window of time for him to be on Cassadine Island.

What’s more, Helena herself was frozen during the period when she supposedly held Jake captive. GH fans have been vocal about the “Jelly” (Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman) writing team perverting this storyline to make Jason into Helena’s pet sociopath. The story shows Jason presumably traumatizing his own son while he was Helena’s murderous minion. General Hospital spoilers say the “truth” will come out soon, but there may be few fans left to watch after today’s debacle.

Jason Loves Children – Unprecedented Violence Stuns Fans

General Hospital fans are screaming their outrage on social media over the violent Jason and Jake scenes today where Jason choked his son while Jake begged him to stop and struggled against his much stronger father. This couldn’t have been a pleasant scene for either actor to film – Billy Miller or little Hudson West – and for fans watching, it was monstrously destructive to a character many love.

Even at his “Stone Cold” worst, General Hospital history shows that Jason has always doted on children and has never laid an unkind hand on a child and would never do so, even if he was brainwashed, microchipped, and under serious mind control by Helena or anyone else. As far as fans are concerned, General Hospital broke one of their main characters today in a way that can’t be redeemed.

Fans Calling For Writers’ Heads

The writing team known as “Jelly” – Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman – took the helm at General Hospital in mid-2015 after Ron Carlivati was fired due to low ratings. Carlivati also had his critics and many fans hoped, at the time, that the “Jelly” team would clean up his mess and move into fresh storyline territory. That hasn’t happened to the satisfaction of GH fans.

And, as of today, a legion of once loyal General Hospital viewers are calling for the heads of “Jelly” and even GH showrunner Valentini for what happened today. Some of the comments on Twitter include:

“#GH fans finally seem to be in agreement that Jelly and Frank are trash. All three need to go.”

“#GH If Jelly gotta go, Frank and Varni have to follow right behind them. That gruesome soap team is bringing this show down.”

“Jelly are straight up horrible. #GH

“Jelly are really awful but Frank is the common denominator. He approved these scenes and watched them get filmed. Sick. #GH

“Clearly Jelly have no clue who Jason is if they suggest he would hurt a child. It is so OOC. #GH

With fans calling for heads to roll over today’s General Hospital scene of terrifying child abuse, there may be repercussions for ABC and parent company Disney that is supposed to be a kid-friendly network. There is more to come on Jason and Jake’s twisted backstory, according to General Hospital spoilers, but has “Jelly” just choked the life out of the ABC soap?

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