June 29, 2017
UFO Hunter Discovers Tunnel On The Moon? Photo From Apollo 15 Goes Viral

A picture taken of the moon's surface decades ago by Apollo 15 has gone under the microscope recently, and it appears to have an artificial structure protruding from the surface. A UFO hunter has deemed this structure a possible entrance to an underground passageway.

This armchair explorer suggests that this structure might have been built by some alien culture. Fox & Friends Weekend showed this picture and reported on what this UFO hunter believes he sees in this image during their Saturday morning show. This picture has piqued the interest of UFO enthusiasts today.

Tyler Glockner is the founder of a UFO hunting website called, Secure Team 10. He studies the different clips and pictures released by NASA, as well as images of the Earth available from Google Earth. NASA's images include many of Mars, the moon, asteroids, and all of the dark space in between where their journeys have taken them so far.

Glockner claims that one of the pictures sent back by the space craft Apollo 15 has captured the image of a structure that looks like it is not formed under the natural conditions on the moon's surface, according to the Mirror. You can see that structure in the video below that was posted on YouTube. Apollo 15 landed on the moon in 1971. This picture was taken decades ago and has been online for many years before this discovery was made.

According to NASA, "Apollo 15 was the first of the Apollo 'J' missions capable of a longer stay time on the moon and greater surface mobility."

According to the Mirror, the photo of the moon's surface shows a shadow being cast of a small rectangle shape. Tyler claims, after studying the photo, it appears to be a structure that was built rather than formed by the natural elements on the moon. He believes this structure might lead to an underground passage of some sort, like a tunnel.

According to the New York News, after doing a study on this image, Glockner believes he has found buildings that appear to be the entrance to a tunnel on the moon. The picture is easily accessible to anyone online, but it was Glockner who took a closer look at the image and found this structure.

"When looking at the original photograph and you almost immediately will be able to detect these things from shadows and shapes."
It seems that UFO enthusiasts are taking a closer look at the moon in their own back yard ever since the rovers on Mars have sent back images that spark a debate on their origin being natural or not. Now it seems there is more attention paid to images taken on the moon during the many NASA missions. Like the objects seen on Mars, some of the images captured on the moon's surface have been debated as artificially made, via a product of the Mars environment.
Glockner claims that the buildings that make up this rectangular image do not look like anything else that has been captured in pictures on the moon. They also don't blend in with the surrounding moon surface. Glockner made headlines earlier this year when he believed he spotted a picture of a UFO that was protruding out of a cave in the Antarctic, according to a previous article from Inquisitr. The Google Earth picture revealed a rounded structure that didn't look at all natural to the surroundings of this cold harsh area on this planet. That picture is seen below in the Facebook post.
UFO enthusiasts have had a field day with the pictures that have been sent back from Mars by the NASA rovers on the red planet. The armchair explorers have gone over many of the NASA pictures studying them for any sign of alien life. The reports that have come in since NASA made those pictures available to the general public have been plentiful. Everything from a horned reptile-like creature, to sculptures and ruins of buildings have been reported, as people see the many shapes on this far away planet as something other than the natural landscape of Mars.

Some experts believe that the shapes seen in these Mars pictures that are described as something other than rocks and sand drifts is due to the same phenomenon that allows folks to see familiar shapes in cloud formations. According to Earth Sky, the name for this is called pareidolia. It is a form of apophenia, which Earth Sky explains as "a more general term for the human tendency to seek patterns in random information. Everyone experiences it from time to time. Seeing the famous man in the moon is a classic example from astronomy."

[Featured Image by Virginia Mayo/AP Images]