Kenya Moore’s Restraining Order Against Matt Jordan Dismissed — Why Did The ‘RHOA’ Star Miss Court?

Kenya Moore applied for a restraining order to keep ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan away from her near the end of March. Less than a month later, a judge dismissed the Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s protection order because Kenya failed to show up to court.

According to TMZ, Kenya Moore has been trying to get Matt Jordan served with paperwork in order to make the restraining order against him. The problem is, Kenya says she hasn’t been able to find Matt in order to have him served so she didn’t even bother coming to court because the judge would dismiss the order anyway.

Kenya Moore’s attorney said that they plan to refile the restraining order against Matt Jordan. In the meantime, he’s free to drive by her house and call her up on the phone with no fear of going to jail.

Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan broke up last year after a blowout fight during a vacation trip to Mexico. In her restraining order filing, Kenya shared details of the dramatic fight, claiming that he kicked in a door. After Kenya and Matt came home from the Mexico trip, the RHOA star claimed that Matt threw her suitcase in the driveway after he attempted to deliver it to her house.

After the explosive Mexico trip fight that ended their relationship, Kenya Moore claims that she had to dodge up to 30 phone calls a day from Matt Jordan. There is also evidence to support her claim that he broke windows in her new home. Matt even showed up at Peter Thomas’ bar opening to confront Kenya and when she refused to get out of the car, he is accused of hitting the man who was driving it.

When Kenya Moore got wind of Matt Jordan telling a friend that she would “get what she deserves,” naturally Kenya wasn’t thinking that he was talking about karma. She immediately assumed that Matt meant he was going to hurt her and she took action despite the admission that Matt Jordan had never once been physically abusive to her. Kenya made her way to the courthouse and filed for a temporary restraining order against Matt. Once it was granted, Matt was prohibited from contacting Kenya by phone, email or on social media and he was not allowed to come within 200 yards of her.

Curiously, just two days before learning that Kenya Moore filed for a restraining order against Matt Jordan, he thanked Kenya’s good friend on Instagram. Matt posted the picture below and made sure to publicly thank Cynthia Bailey for getting him started in modeling. Jordan has rarely posted since Kenya Moore’s restraining order was filed.

The Inquisitr asked whether Kenya Moore was making a bigger deal about Matt Jordan’s alleged abuse than it really was. While it is never okay to abuse a woman, or another person for that matter, after learning that Kenya couldn’t even be bothered to continue on with the restraining order, it’s safe to say that some may have changed their minds about Kenya’s constant conversation about Matt and what she went through. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has even turned her experience with Matt Jordan into a money maker and herself into the poster girl for domestic abuse.

As far as the missed court date in order to make the temporary restraining order into a permanent one, Kenya reportedly missed it because they were unable to serve Matt Jordan with legal paperwork so he would have to respond. Apparently, that means that the judge would have thrown it out anyway and that may be the case. However, it’s hard to imagine that Kenya tried very hard to have Matt served considering that she knows where he lives and where he works.

Do you feel like Kenya Moore dropped the ball when it came to the permanent restraining order against Matt Jordan? Does that mean that maybe she did make a much bigger deal out of his alleged abuse during Season 9 of Real Housewives of Atlanta in order to create a storyline for herself? Sound off in the comments section below.

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