R. Kelley Being Sued By Mississippi Deputy For Allegedly Sleeping With His Wife And Giving Her Chlamydia

Superstar R&B singer R. Kelly has found himself at the center of a civil lawsuit filed by a Mississippi sheriff’s deputy. The reason? According to Hinds County Deputy Kenny Bryant, the singer spent quite a bit of time sleeping with his wife in recent years, destroying his marriage and even allegedly infecting his wife with chlamydia.

As MSNews Now reports, Mississippi deputy Bryant alleges that R. Kelly had a known relationship with his wife, Asia Childress, prior to the couple’s July, 2012, wedding. However, according to the deputy, that relationship was rekindled in October, 2012, when his newlywed wife attended an R. Kelly concert. It was at just about this time that, according to deputy Bryant, that his wife contracted chlamydia, allegedly from Kelly.

According to documents filed in Hinds County Circuit Court, which can be found in their entirety here, Deputy Bryant accuses Robert Sylvester Kelly (aka R. Kelly), as well as a slew of R. Kelly holdings, of “Tortious Interference with the Marriage.” Kelly stands accused for his alleged sexual relationship, including sexual messages and communications, some of which are made publicly available at the link above. R. Kelly’s business holdings are apparently listed in the lawsuit as they “funded” the alleged adulterous affair between the wife of the deputy and the R&B singer.

In the 22-page civil complaint, the plaintiff alleges that immediately after R. Kelly and his wife renewed their sexual relationship on October of 2012, she became infected with chlamydia, and required treatment. As such, she reportedly denied her husband his “conjugal rights” until February of 2013.

Ultimately, Bryant claimed that his wife requested that the pair move to Atlanta from Mississippi, where he had a “good job.” Bryant claims that Childress told him that she wanted to make the move to further her career. He alleges in his complaint that he later found out that his wife’s true motive was to be closer to her lover so that she could more easily continue her adulterous affair with R. Kelly. Further, the complaint alleges that whenever Kelly performed close to Atlanta, Asia Childress made arrangements to be at his shows.

According to the civil complaint against R. Kelly, the Mississippi deputy was unable to find a job in Atlanta, making the move “financial ruinous” for him, all the while his wife was carrying on with Kelly, effectively cuckolding Kenny Bryant. What’s more, Bryant claims that the cuckolding went on for years, and continues to this day, with his wife eventually demanding a divorce so that she could be free to be with R. Kelly.

Bryant claimed to have tried “every avenue” to hold his marriage together.

In the end, the deputy blames R. Kelly for inflicting “emotional, psychological and financial loss,” and is demanding to be compensated financially. Not just for the mental anguish (past, present, and future) and extreme emotional distress, but also for depriving him of his wife’s companionship, support and “conjugal relations.”

In addition, the deputy is seeking punitive damages from R. Kelly over the affair, citing the singer’s “willful, wanton, reckless and tortious” conduct with his lawfully wedded wife.

News of the R. Kelly lawsuit broke on social media this week, and not surprisingly, folks have a lot of opinions about who’s truly at fault for both the straying and the STD.

What do you think? Did the sheriff’s deputy do the right thing by filing a lawsuit against the man he alleges broke up his marriage? Or should he forget about suing R. Kelly and put the blame squarely on the shoulders of his wife, who vowed to be faithful ’til death do us part? Let us know in the comments below.

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