‘Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada Calls Elena Ahanzadeh A ‘Non Factor’ In Support Of Keonna Green

Years after she called Tami Roman a “non mother f****n’ factor,” Evelyn Lozada has yet again called another Basketball Wives co-star a “non factor.” On Tuesday, Evelyn, in response to a viewer who asked about Elena Ahanzadeh, tweeted that Elena is a “non factor” on the show. That wasn’t even the first time Evelyn negatively reacted to Elena in public. Prior to commenting that Elena’s a “non factor” on the show, Evelyn, in support of Keonna Green, questioned Elena’s intentions in telling Keonna that she used to text with her ex, Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young.

A viewer tweeted Evelyn, asking her about Elena, who was introduced to viewers as Jackie Christie’s friend. The viewer not only called Jackie “that old chick,” but also insulted Elena by saying that she looked to be almost 50-years-old. In response to the query, Evelyn made it clear that she doesn’t think Elena to be an important figure on the show, but rather is someone who’s irrelevant. Evelyn called Elena a “non factor.”

Elena didn’t appreciate Evelyn calling her a “non factor.” Elena tweeted that she’s obviously a “factor” since Evelyn’s tweeting about her.

Monday night’s episode of VH1’s Basketball Wives, which focuses on the lives of wives, girlfriends, and exes of professional basketball players, showed a lunch scene between Keonna and Elena, who previously met one another at Shaunie O’Neal’s 70’s-themed party. After some initial friendly chit chat and Keonna telling Elena about her history with Nick Young, with whom she has two young children, Elena told Keonna that she exchanged some flirtatious texts with Nick about five or six years ago. Keonna immediately commented that she was pregnant at that time. Elena said that she didn’t know that Keonna was pregnant.

Keonna immediately questioned why Elena was telling her about the texts. After Elena admitted that she and Nick never slept together, Keonna made it clear that she thought that Elena was just looking to rile her up. Keonna said that Elena was “reaching” with her texts. Keonna even dismissed Elena as not Nick’s type and told her that if Nick saw her today, he probably wouldn’t even recognize her. Elena told Keonna that she just wanted to make sure thateverything was out in the open between them since she liked her. Keonna, however, still didn’t buy Elena’s explanation.


In her interview, Keonna dismissed Elena as desperate for attention and pathetic.

“You sound thirsty and pathetic, now go choke on some water you thirsty a** b**ch.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Keonna said in the Season 6 premiere episode that her troubles with Nick Young began after he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. Keonna, who became pregnant with her and Nick’s second child during his engagement to rapper Iggy Azalea, also claimed that Iggy knew that Nick was cheating on her.

As the scene aired, Evelyn Lozada questioned why Elena Ahanzadeh was telling Keonna Green such information. Clearly, Evelyn agrees with Keonna’s opinion that Elena was just looking for trouble and attention by telling her about the texts. A un-aired scene posted to the show’s website reveals that Evelyn and Keonna had a friendly shopping excursion together where they got to know one another and bonded over their shared experiences.

Elena responded to Evelyn’s tweet by telling her that she should have immediately told Tami Roman that she dated and slept with her ex-husband, Kenny Anderson, during their marriage. Clearly, Elena believes that if Evelyn had done so, she and Tami would have avoided much of their past drama and perhaps still wouldn’t be having problems with one another today.

On the Basketball Wives Season 6 premiere episode, Tami explained that she still didn’t believe that Evelyn was a good person due to their past drama. On the Season 2 finale episode, Evelyn admitted to Tami that she dated and slept with her ex-husband. Tami criticized Evelyn for dating and sleeping with Kenny during their marriage. Evelyn denied that she knew that Kenny was married at that time. When Tami said that she didn’t believe that and continued lashing out at Evelyn, Evelyn said that no one knew Tami. When Evelyn then yelled that Tami was a “non mother f****n’ factor,” Tami physically went after Evelyn. The fight had to be broken up by security. On the Season 6 premiere episode, Evelyn, with a laugh, explained that she called Tami a “non mother f****n’ factor” in her marriage because she was really was a “non mother f****n’ factor.”

A clip that Elena posted to her Instagram account about two weeks ago shows that viewers may once again see Tami Roman in another physical fight, this time not with Evelyn, but with Jackie Christie. As Jackie and Tami argue with one another, perhaps over Jackie getting chummy with Evelyn, despite Tami warning her not to, Elena tries to calm Jackie down.

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Is Elena Ahanzadeh really “a non factor” on Basketball Wives as Evelyn Lozada claims? While Evelyn and Keonna Green have bios up on the show’s page of cast members, Elena does not.

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