North Korea Attacks America In New Propaganda Video

Reports out of Seoul indicate North Korea has released yet another hate-filled propaganda video, but this time, it’s got both the White House and US aircraft carriers in its crosshairs.

The video seems to show various scenes from North Korea’s recent military parade, as well as cuts to staged US targets with what looks like a gun scope juxtaposed over them. Captions, translated from Korean, read, “When the enemy takes the first step toward provocation and invasion,” and “We will show you what a strong country that leads the world in nuclear and missile technology is capable of.” At over two minutes long, the video, though entirely fake, shows the Kim Jong-un regime’s deep-seeded hatred for America and its inhabitants.

The Washington Post indicates that the latest release of North Korean propaganda comes at a time of increased tension between the US and the tyrannical North Korean nation. Records indicate that the Trump administration recently sent both warships and missile systems to nearby Korean regions to demonstrate America’s military prowess and unwillingness to back down from any threat. In return, North Korea conducted some of its largest military drills in recent history to show off its growing arsenal of modern weaponry. Reports also indicate that the Kim Jong-un regime has stated that it has no intentions of stopping nuclear missile tests, despite stern warnings from both America and the country’s only ally, China.

In addition to the warships, reports also indicate America has commissioned the use of submarines in its stand against North Korea. In fact, one of the US’ largest submarines, the USS Michigan, reportedly docked in a South Korean port, where the heavily-armed sub has been since early this week. Following the submarine’s arrival will be the USS Carl Vinson; a behemoth of an air carrier and the centerpiece of the American armada, and a few other destroyers. They are expected in Busan, South Korea by this weekend.

The USS Carl Vinson is the centerpiece of the armada America has sent to combat North Korea. [Image by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Sean M. Castellano/U.S. Navy/AP Images]

Records indicate President Trump recently gathered members of Congress on Wednesday to alert them to the very real threat America faces in Pyongyang. While many of the senators that attended the mandatory meeting described it as nothing more than a photo-op for the Trump administration, senior White House officials indicate that the meeting was necessary in order to ensure administrative cohesiveness as America plans its next steps.

Officials also recently told the press that the Pentagon is looking into other options that don’t necessarily include the use of military force in an attempt to get North Korea to cooperate. Many of those options include applying economic pressure on the regime, but critics claim that economic sanctions have already proven ineffective. North Korea has already been cut off from most other countries by the massive amount of trade sanctions placed against them, and those sanctions have only seemed to encourage Kim Jong-un’s more rapid development of illegal weaponry. With China as the North’s only real ally, President Xi’s administration could more than likely be the key to ending North Korea-America tensions as peacefully as possible. But, despite China’s pledge to support America in the dispute, reports indicate that the nation of over 1 billion has not yet made any significant efforts to bring North Korea “back in line.”

Despite pledging support to America, President Xi's Chinese administration hasn't made any significant headway with North Korea. [Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]

Although North Korea is known for its strong speech and idle threats, sources indicate Kim Jong-un’s regime has upped the ante in the past few weeks. Less than a month ago, the country released another propaganda video that showed the destruction of key American cities. The North Koreans have also reportedly refused to talk to or negotiate with American officials, preferring to speak only with violent, threatening videos, military parades, and weapons tests.

As the Trump administration looks for a solution to the standoff that doesn’t include bloodshed, experts agree that they shouldn’t expect much help from North Korea.

[Featured Image by Wong Maye-E/AP Images]