Is James Patterson Writing A True Crime Book About Aaron Hernandez? His Publisher Says Yes!

Bestselling author James Patterson is planning to write a true crime book on Aaron Hernandez, the New York Post reported. Little, Brown and Company plans to publish an untitled book based on the rise and fall of former NFL player and convicted killer Aaron Hernandez in early 2018.

According to the press release, the book will investigate what led to Hernandez’s prison sentence, details about his family life, and shocking secrets about the fallen football player.

“The non-fiction book will investigate the dramatic rise and fall of the football star, who left behind a murder sentence, a young daughter, and shocking secrets.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Patterson’s book will begin with Aaron’s Connecticut childhood, journey through his college years in Florida and eventually signing a $40 million NFL deal at 22, and detail the crimes he allegedly committed. His death at the young age of 27 will be extensively discussed in the book.

“I was stunned to hear about the tragic death of Aaron Hernandez last week,” the bestselling author revealed. “While his life was marred by controversy, he had incredible potential and undisputed talent.”

“He came from nothing, was named a collegiate All-American, and went on to become a standout player for the New England Patriots. Along the way, his life spiraled out of control — and I felt compelled to ask: What went wrong? I hope that this book helps shed some light on the events that led to his all too public and heartbreaking demise.”

Patterson expressed that Hernandez’s death “took him by surprise,” especially after the court cleared the former NFL player his double murder conviction. In fact, many people were stunned by it because it was looking like he might get out jail after his next appeal.

On Tuesday, April 26, a Massachusetts court overturned Hernandez’s murder conviction because he died before the completion of the appeal process. In 2015, he was convicted of killing a semi-pro football player named Odin Lloyd.

The Massachusetts court ruling upset Lloyd’s family as they feel everything is happening so fast. They are still hopeful that they will win the unlawful death lawsuit against Aaron Hernandez.

“It’s been heartbreaking and a rollercoaster ride for our family,” Lloyd’s sister said. “It’s a lot to process, and it all happened so fast. We are still trying to grasp what is going on. It has been four years, and we can’t catch a break.”

Aaron Hernandez’s home has been on the market for years, and finally, someone offered $1.3 million for the estate. Aaron’s bank account was depleted, having virtually no money left, so the home sale will come in handy.

Hernandez’s fiancée has his power of attorney to close the house deal by Friday. She will agree to the terms because, at this point, his family is in need of the money.

Patterson said that after hearing the news that Hernandez killed himself, he was shocked and wanted to investigate what went wrong and why he would commit suicide after his acquittal.

James claims he plans to donate part of his revenue to education and reading initiatives. It shouldn’t be a problem for Patterson to donate part of his income to charity because, in 2016, Newsweek reported that the established author earned $95 million, making him the highest-paid writer by $75 million.

Patterson refused to comment any further on his next book. His publisher, Little, Brown and Company, confirmed that James was working on a book about Hernandez and said that he “hasn’t started his research, yet.”

Are you going to read James Patterson’s true crime book on Aaron Hernandez? Do you think he will uncover what led to his death?

James Patterson’s untitled book about the fallen NFL football star will be available in early 2018.

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