Landon Clements Claims Kathryn Dennis Friendship Deteriorated After She Refused To Return Designer Clothing

Did Landon Clements and Kathryn Dennis become bitter enemies only after Kathryn refused to return some designer clothing that Landon helped get her? That's what Landon is saying is true. On Thursday, All About The Tea reported that the two Southern Charm stars were actually friends once but the friendship deteriorated after Landon connected Kathryn with a designer who then loaned Kathryn some clothes in return for publicity, only for Kathryn to keep the clothes, forcing the designer to threaten legal action. According to the website, Kathryn, instead of taking personal responsibility, blamed Landon for what happened, leading to the feud that viewers have seen, and continue to see, play out on the reality TV show. Landon responded to the article by thanking the website for reporting the truth.

The website quoted a source who said that Kathryn and Landon were once friendly and that Kathryn was even "obsessed" with Landon. According to the source, Landon decided to help Kathryn by connecting her with a clothing designer friend.

"Kathryn was once obsessed with Landon. Landon initially made an effort to be Kathryn's friend, and even decided to hook Kathryn up with a designer friend."
The source explained that the designer then loaned Kathryn a collection of clothing, with the express understanding that she was to help promote the line and later return the items. Apparently, Kathryn loved the clothes a little too much. The source claimed that Kathryn didn't end up returning the clothes as promised, prompting the designer to threaten legal action. Eventually, though, Kathryn ended up just paying for the clothes.
"Kathryn never returned the clothes. The designer was forced to threaten legal action, and eventually leaned on Kathryn hard, with legal warnings. Kathryn eventually coughed up the cash, to pay for all the clothes."
The source further claimed that Kathryn Dennis blamed Landon Clements, whose relationship with the designer was ruined, for what happened and it was after this incident that Kathryn started going after Landon on Southern Charm.
"Kathryn blamed Landon for her own actions, and Landon was pissed, because her relationship with the designer was ruined. Kathryn then simply stopped talking to Landon. The next season, Kathryn was out for blood, whipping accusations about Landon and Thomas out of nowhere."
Landon, on Twitter, immediately responded to the article by calling it "a little bit of truth." Landon added that everything was paid for eventually. Landon also expressed hope that Kathryn won't do such a thing again. Showing that she's not afraid to stand by her side of the story, Landon included Kathryn's Twitter handle into her tweet to make sure that she would see it.
On the show, Kathryn has claimed that Landon slept with Thomas Ravenel, the father of her two children, behind her back. According to Kathryn, Landon has always tried to ruin her relationship with Thomas in hopes of getting him for herself. Landon, meanwhile, has slung insults at Kathryn, including the quip that Kathryn does her best work on her back. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Landon has even said, on social media, that Kathryn had her two children with Thomas simply because she wanted to be on TV.
On last season's finale episode, Kathryn confronted Landon about the misdeed, telling her that she knows what she did. Landon maintained her innocence. On the reunion show, Landon accused Kathryn of losing custody of her two children after failing a drug test, a charge that Kathryn denied at the time but eventually was revealed to be true.
The premiere episode of the current fourth season of Southern Charm teased that viewers will see a romantic relationship blossom between Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements. On the latest episode, Thomas maintained that he and Landon never slept together but did say that he was interested in pursuing a relationship with her. When asked by Whitney Sudler-Smith and Thomas why she was so hesitant to get in a relationship with Thomas, Landon explained that while she found Thomas attractive, she didn't want to be drawn into his personal drama with Kathryn Dennis.

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