Summer Colors 2017: Holographic Hair And Mermaid Toast

Summer is just around the corner, but trendy summer colors for 2017 have already been revealed on Instagram and it’s amazing!

Summer colors of 2017 include holographic hues and mermaid tones. And those go great on hair and toast. But don’t go to the nearest hair salon just yet, as mermaid hair is not trending now. Holographic hair, on the other hand, is among the hottest summer colors for 2017.

If you’ve already seen ladies flaunting holographic hair on the streets, you know what it looks like. And now you know that those ladies are sporting the trendy summer colors of 2017, according to Life Buzz.

With a little more than a month left before the beginning of summer 2017, hair salons and restaurants around the world are getting in on the two trends in summer colors 2017: holographic hair and mermaid toast.

????ANGELIC???? This Color Will Always Hold Special Meaning To Us. Using @joicointensity By Michael & Stylist Jacqui.

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Seattle-based Ross Michaels Salon has been an active trend-spreader when it comes to holographic hair. The hair salon’s Instagram page is loaded with some of the most cool-looking holographic hair creations.

The latest craze in summer colors trend – holographic hair – has taken over Instagram already, with many pretty Instagram girls boasting their holographic hair creations that include metallic, pastel, rainbow pink, purple, silver, pink, and many other hues.

It's Official ???? Pink Really Is The New Blonde. By Senior Stylist Dani @hairbydani.e Using All @pulpriothair

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But here you are, reading this with the crazily trendy holographic hair. While it may seem as if you’ve already completed your summer colors 2017 makeover, there’s one more summer colors trend that you may be not aware of. And that is: mermaid toast.

Let your holographic hair touch your shoulder blades or lower back as you keep your hands busy making mermaid toast.

The mermaid toast trend joined the holographic hair trend on the trendiest summer colors stand, and it’s a much fresher and cooler idea than simply cutting out hearts in your toasts.

While it may not make sense to be calling toast “mermaid toasts” as no mermaid would be able to plug in a toaster in the water, the new summer colors trend is no less awesome.

Food stylist Adeline Waugh from Miami, Florida has set the newest summer colors 2017 trend by showing off swirly, multi-colored toast that certainly look as if some mysterious sea creature made them underwater, according to Life Buzz.

While you may see mermaid hair every now and then in 2017 – and you’ll be most likely seeing holographic hair among the rest of the summer colors in 2017 – making mermaid toast is a much trendier thing to do if you want to keep up with summer colors trends.

Waugh uses a wide array of products to make mermaid toast. In addition to a piece of bread and butter, she uses cream cheese, regular or almond milk cream cheese, spirulina powder, chlorophyll drops, and other ingredients to help spread those summer colors on a piece of toast.

Whether you make your mermaid toast swirly or rainbow-colored, imagine the big smile on the face of your loved one when you bring them such an impressive toast dish first thing in the morning on a lovely summer’s day.

While serving mermaid toast first thing in the morning is definitely becoming a thing, you may want to get yourself holographic hair to truly channel those trendy summer colors in 2017.

Dying and bleaching your hair has been around for quite a while, but holographic hair is definitely taking over Instagram. It probably won’t be long until a celebrity like Katy Perry, who is no stranger to following hairdo trends, debuts her holographic hair – and maybe even eats mermaid toast to complete her summer colors 2017 picture!

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