Jaden Smith Is Starting A Rock Band With His Sister Willow And New GF Odessa Adlon

Jaden Smith recently made headlines when it was announced that he was planning on jumping into the K-pop fray, now the 18-year-old has announced plans to form a new rock band alongside his sister, Willow. What’s more, Jaden has already confirmed that his new lady love Odessa Adlon will be part of the group, too. The multi-talented, gender-bending son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith made his latest musical announcement on Twitter.

Jaden followed up his big reveal tweet with another that confirmed the identities of at least two of his new bandmates, namely Willow and Odessa.

The response to Jaden Smith’s plans to break into the rock scene along with his little sister and girlfriend of a few meager weeks received a mixed reaction on Twitter, one of Smith’s favorite platforms for sharing his unique visions with the world.

Many of Jaden’s social media followers responded to the news that he is planning a to foray into the world of rock and roll by targeting his previously announced K-pop plans, wondering if he’d forgotten his previous announcement or perhaps just changed his mind. Jaden Smith addressed those queries, letting his fans and critics alike know that his K-pop dreams won’t stop him from moving forward with his plans to produce new rock with sis Willow. Perhaps not coincidentally, Jaden’s announcement came on April 20, along with a slew of other tweets.

While initial social media responses to the 45-second rock clip posted by Jaden Smith were mixed, it seems unlikely that the son of Hollywood royalty is going to change his plans anytime soon. Jaden has made a name for himself by diversifying his career endeavors. From his foray into women’s fashion (Jaden is the first male face of Louis Vuitton’s women’s wear) to his acting career (he starred alongside his famous father in The Pursuit of Happyness and After Earth, not to mention going solo on Netflix’s The Get Down and other projects) to his music career (fans are still waiting for that freshman solo album to drop) to creating his own fashion line to trying to save the earth with his water in a box, JUST Water, the young Mr. Smith is always dipping his toes in seemingly everything he can.

In fact, in the midst of his Twitter talk about K-pop songs and new rock and roll bands with Willow and his new girlfriend, he didn’t forget to mention his clothing line, MSFTSrep, and his plans to get it into the mainstream retail market.

In addition to talking about his rock band, K-pop and clothing line plans, Jaden Smith promised to drop a couple of new videos within the next month.

All of these major Jaden Smith fashion and music announcements come at a time when Jaden is working on his next big movie project. Currently, he is filming the upcoming Will Smith tearjerker romantic drama Life In A Year in Toronto. In the much-hyped flick, Jaden plays the love interest of Cara Delevinge, a teen dying of cancer. The duo responded to her terminal diagnosis by planning to fit everything they planned to do together over the course of their lives into the space of a single year, reports Metro.

As part of the movie, Cara ends up buzzing her head. Jaden also recently made headlines after Will Smith chopped off his trademark dreadlocks for his role, sharing the transformation on social media.

As FACT Mag reports, other than Jaden’s few social media words, there have been no further details or updates about his plans to break into the world of rock. However, despite the ambiguity, Jaden has a solid partner in his younger sister, Willow Smith. At just 16-years-old, Willow is something of a phenomenon herself. She has already broken into the worlds of acting, modeling, music and social activism. Her work on behalf of the latter largely centered on her participation in the unsuccessful #NoDAPL movement, in which she frequently and publicly protested the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In addition to a few acting roles, Willow Smith is also the voice and mind behind the 2010 megahit “Whip My Hair” – at the time the pre-teen’s first single was easily one of the biggest hits in the country.

So its clear that Jaden Smith won’t be breaking into the world of rock all by himself – he’s going to have some serious star power by his side with kid sister Willow Smith rounding out his new endeavor.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]