'Teen Mom 3's' Mackenzie McKee Says 'I Never Tried To Commit Suicide'

The Teen Mom 3 star is full of contradiction and is now retracting the statement she recently made to Radar Online via Snapchat. Two days ago, reports surfaced that Mackenzie McKee suffered from severe postpartum depression and, at times, had wanted to fall asleep and never wake up. She also admitted to sometimes putting her head underneath the water in the bath and never wanting to rise up from the surface.

But the former Teen Mom 3 star took to Snapchat to say this never took place and that she hadn't felt suicidal. She says that in the public eye, lots of things get twisted, and she hadn't intended to make it seem that was how things were.

Mackenzie McKee recently gave an interview where she confessed that she struggled immensely with the fame that came from 16 & Pregnant and the follow-up, Teen Mom 3. In one of her blog posts, she opened up about the struggle she had with her newfound notoriety.

"Through this time, I hid, I would stay off social media, I would stay home, I was scared to go out, and I clung to my boyfriend who is now my husband. And let's be honest, at the time he was not the best boyfriend but I felt he was all I had. Then when I was alone, I would lay down, review EVERYTHING someone I knew had to say about me and cry. Yes, I would cry and cry and cry. I would cry to the point where I was shaking and screwing up my blood sugars. I didn't have dreams anymore, I would pray to God to either help me out of the country or send me home to heaven," she wrote (via In Touch Weekly).

But according to the blonde star, Radar Online misunderstood what she was saying and misquoted her in their publication.

"My postpartum was so bad. I would fill up the bathtub and go under water. I would take anxiety meds and hope not to wake up," she opened up, though now denies the statement.

MTV is currently casting for a reboot of 16 & Pregnant, and it looks like they may even have a new Teen Mom-like series in the works.

In an exclusive interview with the Dirty, she told girls contemplating auditioning for the series to give it a miss.

"It's not what it's cracked out to be. MTV is a short time in your life and a baby is forever. I spent my whole life cheering thinking I was going to go to the best of the best college with the best cheer squad and chase my dreams of becoming a coach. That dream took a turn and so did my life," she said.

She later went on to give a message to young girls who may be thinking about attempting to get pregnant in order to go on the series.

"If I had a message to send out to young girls the age of sixteen, it would be to respect yourself more. Don't cause an emotional attachment by having sex with someone at that age. Your too young for a heart break like that. If a man loves you, he will wait for you. Yes, my own husband was a disrespectful little boy who didn't even know what love was when we were young. It's rare that the relationship works out so don't expect him to stay because a baby is involved, I hate looking back knowing I was sexually active at the age 16 and I pray everyday my daughter doesn't live the way I was," she said.

The type 1 diabetic and mom of three is currently a fitness trainer.

[Featured Image by Mackenzie McKee/Instagram]