‘Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans’ Ex And Fiance Knew Each Other In Prison

Jenelle Evans’ life is nothing if not crazy, and new reports reveal that her ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, and current fiance, David Eason, were friends in prison.

Jenelle Evans is no stranger to the strong arm of the law, and she often dates offenders and felons herself. So when she picks men from the area she’s from, it’s no wonder they’ll run into each other at one time or another.

According to Courtland Rogers, David Eason and he were friends while in prison, and Eason even gave him advice on how to deal with Jenelle Evans.

“I talked to him every day. He knew we were married. I would always talk about her. He would sit there and listen and give me feedback. He was cool. When I heard she was with him, I was like, ‘Oh my god! This is crazy.’ I don’t know how that worked… I wasn’t upset, but it caught me off guard. I couldn’t believe it. With her having a baby, it blew my mind. At the end of the day I’m happy for her,” Courtland said.

Evidently, the pair were even cellmates for a time, spending long nights talking and bonding.

Courtland Rogers was recently released from prison after a charge of heroin possession.

While Rogers may have wanted to rekindle things with Jenelle Evans once he was released, he is happy for her, as she appears more than content with her new life.


“I see her living her life with David and she looks happy. At the end of the day, that’s all I ever wanted for her,” he revealed.

He also discussed their relationship, and how in love the pair once were, though it was, he admitted, fueled by drug use.

“When we tried it out, we were both high. If I loved her that much on drugs, I could only imagine how it would be if we were sober,” he stated.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 know that Jenelle Evans has a weakness for bad boys. With her own rap sheet a mile long, it’s no wonder she’s chosen a fiance who knows her own struggles with the law.

According to public record, David Eason’s rap sheet isn’t much shorter than Jenelle’s. Starcasm released some of the documents to the public.

His charges include the following.

6/28/2012 Misdemeanor breaking and entering, Larceny after breaking and entering

6/28/2012 Willful and wanton injury to real property

7/2/2012 Obtain Property by False Pretenses/Cheats/Services

7/19/2012 Possession of drug paraphernalia

11/11/2012 Driving while impaired, Reckless driving to endanger

2/24/2013 Driving while impaired, Reckless driving to endanger

2/21/2014 Driving while impaired

5/12/2014 Bond surrender

6/25/2014 Failure to appear

David Eason has previously served two sentences of four months in prison for his crimes.

Moreover, while Jenelle Evans seems to have certainly cleaned up her act, her legal troubles are far from over. The Teen Mom 2 star will be appearing in court next month to try and win back custody of her son, Jace, 7. She signed over custody of her eldest to her mother, Barbara, when she was too strung out to care for him. However, now that she’s turned her life around, she is ready to be his mom full-time, though Barb isn’t quite ready to let him go. She still worries for Jace and wants him to have the best life possible.


Aside from her drama with her own mother, Jenelle Evans is doing fairly well these days. She has just given birth to daughter, Ensley with fiance, David Eason and has moved into a custom built home the two designed on several acres of land. They are also planning for their upcoming wedding, which she says will be simple and southern.

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