‘The Simpsons’ Mocks Trump’s First 100 Days In Office With A Deeply Dark Video [Watch]

Trump’s 100 days in office will be completed this Saturday, and everybody seems to be talking about it, even The Simpsons. Amid the flurry of both positive and negative comments, show’s writers have released a video mocking the Trump presidency.

In a short animated video, the writer’s of the show have tried to show the viewers what happens behind the scene in the White House. Usually, the first 100 days define the success of any presidency, but it appears that things are not going well for Trump.

The Simpsons’ Trump video opens with dark stormy night, and Press Secretary Sean Spicer has taken his own life with a note pinned to him that reads “I quit,” as reported by Metro.

The president’s campaign adviser, Kellyanne Conway, is seen petrified with Spicer’s death and is running away from the scene, saying, “I am not replacing him.”

Steven Bannon and Jared Kushner are shown fighting, and all the while Trump is blissfully resting in his bed contemplating his achievements in the first 100 days. The Simpsons’ writers further show in the video how Trump includes “lowering my golf handicap” and “increasing Twitter followers by 700” as his achievements.

The video draws attention to the new order that permits shooting of hibernating bears. It also makes fun of Trump’s hair style, which is often mocked by his critics.

Trump is presented with a bill that reduces taxes for only Republicans, but he refuses to read it and asks whether Fox News can read it and he can watch it. The Simpsons’ Trump video also pokes fun at Ivanka. She has become a Supreme Court judge, and of course, she uses that platform to promote her clothing and accessories.

Back home at the Simpsons house, Grandpa is taken away by armed police to the place of his origin, which is a clear reference to Trump’s immigration policy. The video ends by pointing to the fact that we have completed 6.8 percent of Trump’s presidency.

Trump’s first 100 days have not been anything that was promised by him. During his election campaign, he had claimed to do several things during this time. However, not many of them have materialized yet.

Donald Trump has called the first hundred days as an “artificial barrier” and “not very meaningful.” However, contrary to what Trump has said, he is investing a lot of effort into projecting the work that has been completed in the tenure.

Trump does have a few achievements to show, including banning former administration officials from lobbying, permitting the Keystone pipeline, two-for-one regulations, and pulling out of TPP. He has also refused to accept a president’s salary.

Donald Trumps first 100 days complete on saturday
[Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]

On the other hand, Trump’s most notable failures include healthcare reform, blocked immigration ban, and an inability to build a wall. Besides this, Trump has not kept several other promises made by him during his election campaign; to be precise, he has completed only 10 out of 38 promises.

Be it Donald Trump or his predecessors, presidents of United States have been fodder for comedy. The show has even used the Mr. Burns character as a proxy to depict several of Trump’s action in real life. The Simpsons’ new Trump video turns out to be a satirical take on his first 100 days.

It is worth noting that The Simpsons had predicted Trump’s presidency 16 years in advance in an episode titled “Bart to the Future,” which aired in March of 2000. One can only hope that other scenarios shown in this new video do not become a reality. Until then, try to enjoy the video and let us know your views in the comments section below.

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