Stabbing Trick Gone Wrong: Thai Psychic Tried to Prove Immortality, Stabbed Himself To Death

Theprit Palee, a Thai psychic medium, died from accidentally stabbing himself in an attempt to prove his immortality. On several occasions in the past, his trick worked. This time though, the knife blade that was supposed to break and snap failed to do so. On April 24, at 3 p.m. in the afternoon, Deputy Inspector Chaiwat Phan of San Kamphaeng Police Station received a report of a stabbing at Baan Pa Sak Village in Chiang Mai, Sanook reports. Police officers arrived at the scene and found the 25-year-old psychic medium bleeding.

“We were informed that a man armed with a knife had stabbed himself. We are coordinating with the hospital while an autopsy is performed. There were people at the scene helping Mr. Palee but he died later in hospital. He had a stab wound to the chest.”

[Image by Sodacan| Wikimedia Commons| Cropped and resized| CC BY-SA 3.0]

Although rescuers attempted to save the life of Palee, due to the nature of the wound, Palee was later on pronounced dead in the hospital. Every year, the young medium would perform in front of an audience. He would then showcase a folk dance called “Fon Pee Mot” which was a part of a cultural tradition done by people living in the northern part of Thailand to honor the ghost of their ancestors. Aside from that, Palee would also put on a brief act of miracle. He would try to stab himself, but the blade would snap every time. According to resident Noom Udorn, the Thai psychic would perform the trick successfully every year. “This is a tradition that happens every year. The sword normally breaks but this time it went inside him.”

The reason as to why the blade did not snap remains a mystery. Udorn also said that Palee was someone who would provide readings to a lot of people. He was well-loved, looked upon, and worshipped by the community according to local reports. He was a known spiritual figure for about six to seven years already at the time of his accident.

“The medium has been respected for many years. People love him. He is one of people’s favorites.”

In several instances in the past, there were many cases of tricks gone wrong from similar figures and magicians. In 2016, a trick performed by Polish magician Marcin Poloniewicz during a live TV broadcast gave the audience a freight. The magician who appeared on Polish Got Talent, asked TV host Marzena Rogalska to slam her hand down one of the three brown bags with nails. The trick went terribly wrong as the TV host got stabbed by a nail and was seen in television writhing in pain. She was brought to a hospital and later on tweeted that she is okay. This trick, apparently, was performed by the world-known magician David Blane.

But even the famous David Blane also encountered mishap while doing his death-defying magic tricks and stunts. In 2009, he tried to put a twist to a bullet trick he had previously mastered, but things did not go the way he planned them to be. The bullet cap snapped and broke in half causing him to get shot in the throat. As a result, he was taken to the hospital.

Another recent incident is from the illusionist, Criss Angel, who have been rushed to the hospital during his Las Vegas show in Luxor hotel due to faliure of a straight jacket act. The illusionist was reported trying to be free from the jacket but to no avail. He was said to be unconscious and was taken to Spring Valley Medical Center for immediate attention but was also discharged the same night of the incident.

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