‘My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now’ Chad Update: 370 Lbs. Lighter, Getting Back To Work, And Asking For Help

Very few subjects in TLC’s hit reality TV series My 600-lb Life have had as much progress as Chad Dean, a 42-year-old truck driver who previously weighed 700 pounds. After undergoing gastric bypass surgery and a year of intensive weight loss training, the recently-aired Where Are They Now episode revealed that Chad has lost more than 370 pounds from his original weight. In a recently uploaded post to his official Facebook page, Chad has revealed that he is attempting to get back to work, in order to financially provide for his family once more.

Chad has always been one of the more sympathetic patients that were featured on the hit reality TV show. Even in his initial feature, many viewers and avid fans of the show noticed that Chad’s motivations, which revolve around his desire to provide for his family, are incredibly selfless. His weight-loss journey has not been all fun and games, however, as he also encountered some problems along the way, due to his stubbornness in taking the right medication.

In the recent Where Are They Now episode of My 600-lb Life, however, viewers were able to see a much healthier, much happier Chad. While he is still short on cash in order to get skin removal surgery, Chad has maintained a mostly positive outlook on life. Despite his insurance not covering the expensive, yet essential surgery, the trucker has started a GoFundMe campaign in order to ask for help in raising the $5,000 he needs to get the operation done. So far, his campaign is five months old, and he has only raised roughly half the amount he needs. Nevertheless, Chad has continued to press on.

Recent updates on Chad’s official Facebook page have revealed that the trucker is planning to get back to work in the near future. Now a fraction of his previous weight, the father is looking to enter the workforce soon, in order to provide for his family once more. In an update posted last week, Chad revealed that he is seeking to purchase a 2018 truck within the next few weeks, so that he could start driving again.

Photos posted on his Facebook also show Chad looking much better than he did when he was first featured on the show. Of course, avid fans of My 600-lb Life and friends have continued to laud the trucker for his efforts and his progress, with many commenting that he looks so much better and far healthier than before. Chad, for his part, has extended his gratitude to his supporters.

Numerous My 600-lb Life fans in online forums such as Reddit have also commented positively on Chad’s progress, with many stating that the trucker is among the most cooperative patients ever featured on the hit reality TV show. Some even noticed that Chad had a dumbbell in his truck, ultimately proving that he has remained fully committed to keeping his weight and health in check. Lastly, his disposition, which was proven to be quite inconsistent when he was first featured in My 600-lb Life, was also noted by viewers and avid fans of the show to be a lot better during the recently-aired Where Are They Now episode.

Chad’s long journey towards weight loss and recovery stands as one of the most uplifting stories featured in My 600-lb Life so far. When he was featured on the hit reality TV show last year, the trucker was mostly confined to his couch, as he could barely move due to his weight. He was also mostly cared for by his wife and son, which bruised his ego further. With his current weight loss in mind, however, it appears that Chad is well on his way towards a full recovery. There are still steps to be taken before his treatment is complete, but Chad has already taken a number of definitive steps in order to ensure that he does not fall into the obesity trap that held him captive before. That, in a lot of ways, is usually what matters most.

Those that would like to support Chad in his future skin removal surgery can check out his GoFundMe campaign.

[Featured Image by TLC]