‘Running Man’: Song Ji Hyo Speaks Out About Gary’s Secret Marriage, Cast Reveals They Lost Contact With Him

Running Man cast members finally broke their silence and opened up about Kang Gary’s unexpected secret marriage. Monday Couple’s other half, Song Ji Hyo, also revealed how she really felt about her on-screen partner’s decision to settle down with his non-showbiz girlfriend.

During Running Man’s fan meeting event in Malaysia, Song Ji Hyo, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Lee Kwang Soo, and Ji Suk Jin treated their avid supporters to performances and gags. The cast also answered questions, including their thoughts about their former co-star Gary.

Apparently, Gary’s announcement that he already tied the knot came as a surprise to each Running Man member. However, no one was more surprised than Gary’s Monday Girlfriend Song Ji Hyo. The 35-year-old actress openly admitted that she was a bit sad about Gary’s secret wedding but still wishes him a happy married life.

“I’m a bit sad as I only found out about it from the news. I wish Gary-oppa a happy marriage. He also changed his contact number so I hope he’ll contact us.”

Meanwhile, it was also revealed during the event that Running Man cast members have lost contact with Gary. Apparently, the newlywed rapper changed his mobile number two months ago, making it hard for his former co-stars to reach him.

Despite the sudden move, Ji Suk Jin reiterated that they completely understand his choice. HaHa, on the other hand, revealed that he tried to contact Gary after learning about his wedding. Although they lost communication, the cast remains optimistic that Gary will find a way to contact them soon.

“I actually congratulated him but there was no reply. Gary-hyung is unique, he will find a way to contact us.”

Avid fans of Running Man expressed various reactions about Gary seemingly trying to distance himself from the members. Some fans voiced their dismay, claiming that the 39-year-old star suddenly changed his ways.

One fan commented, “I understand the private life and everything. I just don’t understand the complete blockage from friends.”

Another fan pointed out, “What’s up with Gary though? It’s like he suddenly changed overnight… Now suddenly it seems like he wants to cut ties with all of the RM crew. Isn’t that family? Isn’t family first?”


On April 5, Gary surprised everyone with his wedding announcement on Instagram. The former Running Man star shared the good news to his 3.1 million followers with a serene and scenic photo along with a lengthy caption explaining his decision and asking his fans for their blessings and continuous support.

“I tied the knot with my beloved one today… We become man and wife through a ceremony between us without a wedding event. My wife is an ordinary citizen who has shaken me up in an instant. Some of you may have been surprised by this sudden marriage announcement. I hope you could give your blessing delightedly for our new future. I will live happily ever after.”

According to reports, the couple opted to stay away from the limelight and held a private ceremony only for the two of them. Sources also revealed that Gary’s closest friends, including his Running Man co-stars, were completely unaware.

Gary’s agency, Yangban, also confirmed that they were not informed about his secret wedding. The agency released an official statement, revealing that they only knew about Gary’s wedding through social media.

“We had no knowledge of Gary’s marriage plans as well. We received the news right before he posted it on his [Instagram]. Other than the message Gary posted, we as his agency have no further comments.”


Meanwhile, Gary’s first concert in Malaysia scheduled for May 21 has been canceled. According to a statement released from the event’s production company Ace Music Production, the highly-anticipated event will not push through “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

Many assumed that Gary’s canceled concert was due to his sudden marriage.

However, Gary’s agency explained, “Gary’s concert in Malaysia was canceled because the production company on that side did not send us the contract fee. We had confirmed the concert in early-March, but they continued to push back the payment, so unfortunately, we had to cancel the show. Gary’s sudden marriage is unrelated to the cancellation of the concert.”

On the other hand, Gary, who noticeably deleted all of his Instagram posts, explained the situation. According to the Running Man star, his concert in Malaysia was indeed canceled due to the “organizers circumstances.” He also expressed his willingness to visit the country whenever there is a chance.


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