‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Finale Spoilers: Shonda Rhimes Teases The Ending Is Hot, Cliffhangers for Season 13

Grey’s Anatomy is gearing up for the season finale. Die-hard fans know that twists and turns are in place for drama between Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Maggie (Kelly McCreary). Spoilers tell us that in Episode 21, titled “Don’t Stop Me Now,” it will all come out.

The following is spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy season finale. Do not continue to read if you don’t want to know!

In a press conference after the plane scare in Episode 20, Grey’s Anatomy fans will see a change in how Meredith and Riggs (Martin Henderson) interact. Maggie notices that the two are a bit closer than before and have moved past the colleague stage.

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With the previous promise from Meredith not to fall in love with Riggs and Maggie’s mad crush on him, problems are sure to follow. Although Maggie is still reeling from the death of her mother and is now feeling betrayed by her sister, she will work things out with Meredith. The two may not have grown up together, but they have established a strong bond that they don’t want to lose.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Shonda Rhimes recently discussed what Grey’s Anatomy viewers can expect for the season finale. She made it short and sweet by simply saying that it is “on fire.” Debbie Allen, the producer of the season finale, gave just a little more info. She said they had to shoot overnight for a couple of weeks, but it was apparently worth it. Shonda’s reference to “on fire” for Grey’s Anatomy finale wasn’t explained, however.

But did the producer give any clues?

Debbie Allen did say that Grey’s Anatomy fans need to prepare for a rough night. She warned that fans “should be worried.” While she didn’t explain, she did say that the ending will leave Grey’s Anatomy fans waiting for Season 14. It sure sounds like big cliffhangers are coming.

Viewers know that Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and April (Sarah Drew) will band together in “Don’t Stop Me Now” to try to repair the once-loving marriage between Richard (James Pickens Jr.) and Catherine (Debbie Allen). Richard, in fact, needs a few of his relationships to be salvaged due to the changes that followed his demotion. With so many of the staff upset when the change happened and then his replacement winning them over, Richard is feeling very alone at this point. With only a few Grey’s Anatomy episodes left for Season 13, this storyline could be one of the cliffhangers for the year.

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The ending of Grey’s Anatomy’s 13th season will leave viewers with a good idea of where the show is going. There will be enough resolution of some storylines to understand what is coming next season. Viewers can expect to also be faced with big questions as the countdown to Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy begins.

Another possibility for Grey’s Anatomy fans to be aware of is the rumor that we may be saying goodbye to one of the characters. While we have no confirmation of who could be leaving at this time, there is always the possibility.

Wait. Does the hospital catch on fire?

Of course, with all the mention of “on fire,” Grey’s viewers are speculating on social media about the possibility of the hospital having a fire. Another possibility is that the victims of a large fire become patients of Grey Sloan Memorial. For this answer and what it brings, Grey’s Anatomy fans will have to wait for the finale on May 18.

Will you be tuning in for the finale? What cliffhangers do you see coming for Grey’s Anatomy? Sound off in the comments below!

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