WWE News: Shane McMahon Fines And Suspends Main Event Star After ‘SmackDown Live’

The WWE has put a lot of faith in many superstars who can be looked at to lead the company, but that doesn’t mean they are above the rules that everyone must follow. Over the years, there have been a number of wrestlers who have crossed the line and taken things too far, and for that, they have to suffer the consequences. That is the case with one main event star who went over the line on Tuesday night, which has led Shane McMahon to fine and suspend Baron Corbin.

Last night on SmackDown Live, Baron Corbin ended up losing a match to AJ Styles which didn’t have him in a good mood to start things out. As recapped by the official website of WWE, Corbin and Kevin Owens attacked Styles after the match which led to Sami Zayn running out to even up the sides.

Once SmackDown was over, Sami Zayn was on this week’s episode of Talking Smack to discuss what happened earlier in the night. All of a sudden, Corbin came out of nowhere and simply destroyed Zayn right on the set of the talk show.

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While beating down Zayn, two referees ran out to stop Corbin, but the “Lone Wolf” was in a bit of a zone. He waved one referee off and then shoved another one hard to the ground. Immediately, you could tell that Corbin regretted his actions as he put his hands up in the air and walked off the set.

Despite feeling bad about what he had done, SmackDown General Manager Shane McMahon knew he had to take action. As reported by Cageside Seats, McMahon hopped on Twitter to announce the punishment he was giving to Baron Corbin.

Now, this week-long suspension really isn’t that big of a deal as SmackDown Live doesn’t have a pay-per-view event scheduled until Backlash in late May. So, the brand still has a month to go as they build up the card and schedule matches.

Considering this is a storyline fine and suspension, there is always a good chance that Corbin could appear on SmackDown Live next week anyway.

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Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will always have a feud going on, but AJ Styles is first in line to challenge for Owens’ United States Title. That leaves Zayn without anything to do and Corbin needs some competition since Jinder Mahal is currently the number one contender for Randy Orton’s WWE Championship.

WWE is going to keep building up Baron Corbin as a monster on Tuesday nights and Wrestling Inc. even reported that he is seen as the top choice to win the briefcase at Money in the Bank this summer. If that happens, it seems as if he will remain a threat to the top title for the next year.

This suspension storyline is just the next step in keeping Corbin in the spotlight and making him a main event talent on Team Blue.

Baron Corbin has been fined and suspended by Shane McMahon for his actions on Talking Smack, but of course, it is only for storyline purposes. His attack on Sami Zayn simply took things too far and it brought about repercussions that he will need suffer through. This may be WWE’s way of continuing to build-up Corbin, but you have to admit that SmackDown Live shows more authority than Monday Night Raw since Braun Strowman dumped over an ambulance and went unpunished.

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