April 26, 2017
Aaron Hernandez Suicide Letters: Third Letter Was For Attorney, Jose Baez, Not Alleged Gay Lover, Kyle Kennedy

It's been a full week since Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in his prison cell, sending shockwaves through those who cheered him on in the NFL and those who followed his trials. Soon after Hernandez's death, rumors took off about the former NFL star's private life and possible interaction with alleged gay prison lover, Kyle Kennedy.

Aaron Hernandez's attorney, Jose Baez, continued defending his client, even after his death, and has been adamant that one of the three suicide letters left behind by Aaron Hernandez was not addressed to Kyle Kennedy, as the rumors had claimed. Instead, it turns out that the letter was addressed to Baez, who defended Hernandez in two different murder trials. The other two Aaron Hernandez's suicide letters were addressed to his fiance, Shayanna Jenkins, and his daughter, 4-year old Avielle.

TMZ reports that the contents of Aaron Hernandez's suicide letters are not being revealed at this time. It's unclear if the recipients of those letters will divulge what Aaron had to say to them before he took his own life on April 19.

As for Aaron Hernandez having a gay prison lover, the jury is still out on that one. There are new details regarding Aaron's relationship with Kyle Kennedy being uncovered. According to an AOL report, Kyle Kennedy's attorney claims that his client and Aaron Hernandez knew each other prior to ending up in the same prison together. Kennedy has been referred to as Hernandez's "prison brother," but so far it has not been confirmed if that was his "prison lover."

Lawrence F. Army, Jr., Kennedy's attorney, also revealed that Kyle did, in fact, have a "strong reaction" to Aaron Hernandez's suicide and has been on suicide watch in the week since Hernandez's death. Army also said that the former NFL star joked with Kennedy about three weeks prior to his death about suicide, saying, "I think I'm going to hang it up."

Whether or not Army's claims about Aaron Hernandez and Kyle Kennedy are true is still undetermined. It was Kyle Kennedy's attorney who claimed that Hernandez promised to give Kyle a watch worth $47,000 and if he left a suicide letter for his "close friend." Right now, no one knows where this watch is located and there is no proof aside from Kyle Kennedy's claim that Aaron Hernandez promised to gift it to him in 2016, well before he died.

Kyle Kennedy's attorney did not confirm or deny that Aaron Hernandez and Kyle Kennedy were prison lovers. He said that he would speak on that at a later time. He did say that Hernandez and Kennedy did spend a lot of time together while they were housed in the same prison.

Army also confirmed that last year, Aaron Hernandez and Kyle Kennedy did ask to be housed in the same cell at the Souza-Baranowski Correction Center in Shirley. The request was not granted and Aaron Hernandez was assigned to a cell by himself.

Jose Baez has come forward and contradicted Kennedy's attorney, saying that Aaron Hernandez's third suicide letter was not addressed to Kyle Kennedy. Instead, he said the letter was addressed to himself, claiming that Aaron Hernandez wrote three suicide letters before taking his own life. One to Shayanna, one to Avielle, and the last letter to Jose Baez. He also said that rumors that the letter was addressed to Aaron Hernandez's gay prison lover were just attempts to smear his client after his tragic suicide.

In response to Jose Baez's claims, Kyle Kennedy's attorney Lawrence F. Army, Jr., challenged Baez to show him the letter and prove that it wasn't addressed to Kennedy. The three Aaron Hernandez suicide letters are reportedly in custody of the Hernandez family at this time.

With so many reports coming about who Aaron Hernandez's suicide letters were addressed to, it's hard to tell who is telling the truth and who is not following the death of the former NFL star. It's even harder since the Hernandez family has not made the contents of any of the letters available to the public.

Who do you think is telling the truth about the Aaron Hernandez suicide letters? Aaron's attorney Jose Baez or Kyle Kennedy's attorney Lawrence F. Army, Jr.? Watch Kyle Kennedy's attorney talk about his involvement with Aaron Hernandez below.

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