April 26, 2017
‘Young And The Restless’ Casting News: New Love For Abby? Ryan Ashton Debuts In May 18

The Young and The Restless casting news and spoilers say there's a new hottie coming to Genoa City and he could be destined for romance with sexy and single Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway). Ryan Ashton will debut as Zack, who is an entrepreneur that shows up in town looking for success – and Abby could help him on his way.

Secret Project Could Bring New Love For Abby

Abby just met with her uncle, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), on a recent episode of The Young and The Restless and this is the launching point for what will bring handsome Zack to Genoa City. Remember, Abby told Jack the building she bought was intended to be a business incubator, but she cheated and slid it past her dad.

The Young and The Restless spoilers promise Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) won't be happy once he finds out Abby sneaked the papers for the building past him. But "The Mustache" will be even angrier that Abby is partnering with Jack on this secret side business she's starting. It is Abby's bold initiative that could bring new love into her life at last.

Ryan Ashton Debuts May 18 On Y&R

The Young and The Restless spoilers from CBS Soaps in Depth promise a May 18 start date for Ryan Ashton as Zack. The magazine describes newcomer Zack as confident and an entrepreneur. The handsome actor is a Hollywood newcomer who writes and acts. Ashton had a small role in Allegiant, the third in the Divergent movie series trilogy.

In addition to acting, the handsome new guy coming to The Young and The Restless has also written a couple of short films and one feature film a few years back called Dead Monkey. While Ryan's resume is pretty thin, that will soon be corrected with his debut in the midst of May sweeps, say The Young and The Restless spoilers. But will the new guy tempt Abby?

Stitch Is MIA – Abby Needs Love

The Young and The Restless fans have joked about Ben "Stitch" Rayburn (Sean Carrigan) disappearing from Genoa City with no explanation, and Abby has been in the back seat for most recent plots. Victor handing Abby the reins at Newman Enterprises gave her the power to start a new business and perhaps find her path to new love.

With Zack's description as a budding entrepreneur, it seems clear he'll be part of Abby's new business incubator project. That will put the hot guy on Abby's radar and she clearly needs new love in her life. Abby has no reason not to get entangled with Zack. The miscarriage and all the drama with Stitch was tough, but now Abby needs to move on with her life.

Abby Hides Secrets From Victor and Ashley

The Young and The Restless spoilers promise Abby plans to keep hiding her secret new business from her mom, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), as long as she can, since her mother warned her from jumping into this. But it might not stay hidden for too long since Ravi Shapur (Abhi Sinha) saw Abby and Jack conspiring, and then hugging.

Ravi's a smart guy and might figure out there is something more than uncle and niece conversation and bonding. Victor will be gone for a while, so Abby's more pressing issue is keeping this new incubator project hidden from Ashley, according to new The Young and The Restless spoilers. If Abby can make a success of it before Victor returns, "The Mustache" won't mind so much.

Even if Abby's new business venture flops, if it brings Zack into her life as a new love, it might all be worth it. We'll see what's next for Abby and the new guy after these new The Young and The Restless spoilers.

[Featured Image by Danny Moloshok/AP Images]