Scheana Shay Divorce: ‘Pump Rules’ Star Should Have Kept Divorce Off Television

Scheana Shay was put between a rock and a hard place when she decided to file for divorce from her husband. Scheana had previously shared her marital troubles on Vanderpump Rules, and Mike Shay's pill addiction was put on national television. As Mike revealed on the reunion special this year, his family and close friends didn't even know he was struggling with his pill addiction, so they were hurt and shocked when Scheana told her co-stars about it on national television. And because she had been so open about his addiction, viewers expected her to open up about her divorce.

According to a new tweet, Scheana Shay mentioned that she's going through a rough period as viewers of Vanderpump Rules are using her divorce drama against her. Bravo has been slammed for editing some scenes to make them look worse than they are, so Scheana might be judged for something that isn't even her real life. As Mike Shay has revealed, he was under the impression they were working out their issues when they filmed the last scene of the season, so he was surprised when Scheana closed the door on the marriage.

"Some. People. Are. So. Ignorant. Like I can't with the stupidity in this world. Praying for all of you lost sad sad souls out there!" Scheana Shay tweeted on social media, to which one person wrote, "I think everyone is frustrated with u making it seem like everything was on Shay, but there was wrong on your end also. #RealRecognizesReal."

"Never! Apparently we aren't all watching the same show or reading the same interviews. I take accountability for ALL of my mistakes," Shay replied back to the follower, questioning how other viewers can make some of the conclusions they make based on Vanderpump Rules and the interviews she has done about her divorce.

Of course, some celebrities use such a reality show to create drama in their lives for ratings and essentially money. But Scheana was genuinely wanted her marriage to work out when she married Mike. And she was devastated when she learned that he had been lying to her. But some people don't mind at all to put their personal business on a reality show for the sake of making money, and this is why Shay shouldn't have put her divorce on national television.

Scheana Shay doesn't fit this particular mold, as she would have probably done other things to get more airtime if she was willing to hurt people to get more exposure. Shay may have felt that she owed the viewers to know what went wrong in her marriage since she signed up for Vanderpump Rules. Plus, by sharing the news on the show, she's opening herself up to criticism, which she has received on social media.

However, at the same time, Scheana Shay should also put herself first and think about Mike's feelings in this entire thing. He was clearly devastated, and if they had divorced behind closed doors, they might have remained friends. They should have stuck to their divorce statement, which was released late last year.

"While we have made the difficult decision to move forward separately, our story will continue on through the love and mutual respect that we have cultivated throughout our 15-year friendship. Much of the recent speculation and reporting on our relationship has been misguided, and we have come to an amicable decision on all matters. We might have failed at our marriage, but we are committed to succeeding as friends and will continue to support each other's personal happiness and professional success," reads the statement from Scheana Shay and Mike about their divorce, according to US Magazine.

What do you think of Scheana Shay's decision to share her divorce news on Vanderpump Rules?

[Featured Image by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for OK! Magazine]