April 26, 2017
'Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska Is Furious Over Ex's Failed Drug Test

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska has been living the quiet life lately since her marriage to Cole DeBoer and the birth of her son Watson, but she is absolutely livid after finding out her ex tested positive for a court-ordered drug test. The reality TV star is looking to cut visits with him even further to ensure that he doesn't use around their daughter.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Chelsea Houska and Lind's other ex, Taylor Halbur, had suspected Lind was using so together, they asked the court to order a drug test. The first test came back positive, but it was pawned off as "faulty."

However, with this new test, Lind has tested positive for 300 ng/ml of amphetamine, as well as over 800 ng/ml of methamphetamine.

This latest news isn't all that surprising to viewers of Teen Mom 2, who have seen Adam barely show up for filming the series and who is almost always absent from daughter, Aubree's life. While he claims he's gotten a bad edit and has even tried to call out Dr. Drew Pinsky for the show's portrayal of him, it seems that some of his behavior may just be him.

Chelsea Houska has previously claimed that Lind only shows up to Aubree's events when filming, and viewers often see him show up to her softball games with minutes to spare before the end. During this last season of Teen Mom 2, Lind failed to attend a concert Aubree performed in and also neglected to call his daughter on her seventh birthday.

He has threatened to quit the show several times before, and it appears that he may have finally followed through as reports state that he has not shown up to film the new season of Teen Mom 2.

With this new information, Lind has lost the privileges he has to visit daughter, Paislee, 3, alone. His visits must now be supervised by his parents.

Previously, Chelsea Houska had allowed Aubree to visit Lind as long as his parents were in the house. However, she says that she has sometimes learned that he is left alone with her. Although she hans't pursued legal action over it, now she may actually do so to ensure that Aubree is never alone with her father.

An insider close to Houska revealed how Chelsea really feels about the situation.
"Chelsea is going to enforce the court's order that Adam's visits with Aubree be strictly supervised. She will not turn a blind eye to his behavior," they said.
The Teen Mom 2 bad boy also allegedly owes both Chelsea Houska and Taylor over $10,000 worth of child support combined. In February, he was taken to court to settle the deal, and an insider close to Adam revealed that he didn't pay the bill, even though it was court demanded, because he thought the amount of money that was being asked for was ridiculous.

He has also allegedly had two ex-girlfriends file restraining orders against him for violent or bizarre behavior.

Still, when interviewed, Adam often maintains that it is Chelsea or Taylor's fault for the "drama."

It was also learned that this isn't the last of Lind's legal drama. On April 17, he pled guilty to charges of exhibition driving. The Teen Mom 2 dad has a long history of problems with the law in relation to driving, including driving under the influence.

At the beginning of Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska was seen still pining for the bad boy. But now, the mom of two is happily married to Cole DeBoer and is well-rid of him. The only thing she seems too concerned about is how this will affect her daughter, Aubree, in the future.

[Featured Image by Chelsea Houska/Instagram]