April 26, 2017
Was Aaron Hernandez Under The Influence Of Synthetic Marijuana Prior To His Suicide?

Aaron Hernandez reportedly used synthetic marijuana prior to his shocking suicide one week ago.

According to a new report, an autopsy allegedly revealed the drug was found in Aaron Hernandez's kidney stream, prompting a drug raid at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts.

On April 26, the Daily Mail shared details of the autopsy and claimed the 'K2' synthetic marijuana is easy to smuggle into prisons "because it can be absorbed in paper and mailed in an envelope."

After Aaron Hernandez's alleged drug use was revealed, a massive raid took place at the prison, and dozens of officers have reportedly jumped into action in hopes of finding and confiscating more contraband.

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"Two law enforcement sources said that there has been a 'shakedown' at a warehouse used by SBCC and a neighboring facility, which serves as a holding place for dry goods before they enter the facilities," the Daily Mail revealed to readers. "Inmates and prison staff both are employed at the warehouse."

Aaron Hernandez's death has led to more than just drug raids. As the outlet explained, the facility was also targeted with an investigation that ultimately led to at least one prison official being suspended after reportedly skipping a scheduled 2 a.m. check in.

Aaron Hernandez's body was found around 3 a.m. last Wednesday, and he was declared dead about an hour later. In the days that followed, inmates reportedly told investigators that Aaron Hernandez had been high on K2 synthetic marijuana at the time he died.

Although some might jump to conclusions and say that Aaron Hernandez's alleged use of synthetic marijuana led him to make a rash decision and kill himself, the Daily Mail claimed the late athlete's death was planned weeks in advance. In fact, Aaron Hernandez gave a large portion of his belongings away before his passing and even covered the floor in soap to prevent himself from changing his mind about his death.

Aaron Hernandez also took the time to write three suicide notes before his passing, which he sat next to a Bible in his cell. Meanwhile, the Bible was open to John 3:16, a verse he also references using red ink on his forehead.

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Newsweek first revealed the news of Aaron Hernandez's alleged drug use on April 24, the same day his family and friends paid their respects during a funeral service in Connecticut. At the time, the outlet shared details of the moments that allegedly followed Hernandez's suicide.

"The comprehensive search came days after Hernandez was found dead in his cell on April 19 at 3:03 a.m., the same day some of his former teammates on the New England Patriots traveled to the White House to be congratulated by President Donald Trump for their 2017 Super Bowl victory," the outlet revealed. "Inmates at SBCC had told investigators Hernandez may have been high on K2 the morning he killed himself."

"Department of Correction sources say it is unusual for state troopers to conduct an SBCC prison search, and that the presence of DOC Internal Affairs officials and the department's Commissioner Thomas Turco indicates a wide-scale investigation is underway at the prison, where one correction officer has already been 'detached with pay' after being accused of missing a round at 2 a.m.," Newsweek continued. "Hernandez was found dead at 3:03 a.m."

Aaron Hernandez's death came just five days after the late athlete was acquitted of a 2012 double homicide that took the lives of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.

Aaron Hernandez left behind his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, and their four-year-old daughter, Avielle Janelle Jenkins-Hernandez.

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