April 26, 2017
‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Kevin Wants Mariah Back – Bella Reveal Triggers Reunion

Young and The Restless spoilers state that Kevin Fisher's (Greg Rikaart) life will change drastically now that he knows Bella Mitchell (Cali May Kinder) is his biological daughter. Could this stunning revelation lead Kevin back to Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes)? Some Y&R spoilers hint that a reunion could be coming.

Mariah And Devon Hit a Rough Patch

The thorn in the side of the new relationship between Mariah and Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) is always Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan), and that will continue, according to recent Young and The Restless spoilers. On today's Y&R, Mariah has to stand her ground against a pushy Hilary.

But that's not the only dirt from Young and The Restless spoilers from SheKnows Soaps. Mariah and Devon are rumored to take "the next step" in their relationship soon, but before that, a stumbling block trips them. Mariah is upset that Devon didn't tell her he went to court to finalize his divorce.

Mariah And Devon Closer, But Trouble Looms

Young and The Restless spoilers say Hilary makes a big deal out of announcing her divorce on GC Buzz and pulls off her wedding ring. This is how Mariah learns her new guy pal went to court. Mariah is floored, and Hilary is thrilled to have the spotlight on her.

Mariah was hesitant about having sex with Devon, but Young and The Restless spoilers say now that he's officially single, they'll take the plunge and spend the night together. When Hilary sees how comfortable Mariah and Devon have grown, she can't stand it. This means Hilary stirs up trouble that could drive Mariah back to Kevin.

Natalie And Chloe Drove Mariah Away

Even though Kevin and Mariah had one bad experience in bed, Young and The Restless history told us Mariah was still into Kevin and wanted to be with him, but the Passkey debacle and Natalie Soderberg's (Mara McCaffray) presence pushed them farther apart. And then things got worse for Mariah.

Mariah had to take a backseat on The Young and The Restless and watch while Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) stole Kevin from Natalie and the whole "love of his life" drama played out. Mariah was pushed further away, but now that Chloe broke Kevin's heart, Mariah and Kevin's friendship is back on track.

Could Bella Lure Mariah Back to Kevin?

Viewers know from Young and The Restless spoilers that Kevin is a single dad now that he found out Bella is his daughter, although there was still no explanation of why the first DNA test said he was not her daddy. With Kevin now in domestic mode and busy with a kid, Mariah and Kevin might get a new shot.

Even though Mariah is with Devon now, the cuteness of Bella and Kevin's adorable father-daughter dynamic could have Mariah looking at Kevin in a new light. No doubt Mariah will step up to help Kevin and Bella as a friend, but that could open the door to a chance at love for Mariah and Kevin at long last.

Chloe's Gone For Good – Time for Mariah at Last

Mariah competed with the ghost of Chloe even before the crazy woman came back to Genoa City, according to Young and The Restless spoilers, because Kevin never got over Chloe. But after this latest dramatic go-round with Chloe, it seems Kevin will get her out of his system for good since she can't come back.

Chloe in Genoa City means she'd be in jail or the nuthouse, so their romance is dead and buried. This is the time for Kevin to look around and realize the one woman who has always been there for him is Mariah. Plus, seeing Mariah spending time being sweet to Bella should open Kevin's heart, too.

Devon Dumped, Kevin and Mariah Together at Last?

The chemistry between Mariah and Devon is not electric, and Young and The Restless spoilers say even them getting intimate together may not change things. Devon is still hung up on horrible Hilary, and Hilary will soon scheme to split up Mariah and Devon, according to Young and The Restless spoilers.

With Hilary trying to push Devon away from Mariah and making her rival's life hard, it seems that the road back to Kevin will be much smoother and tempting for Mariah. This could finally be the moment when Kevin and Mariah have the right timing and can be together at last – as more than friends.

There is more action coming soon for Mariah, Kevin, Devon, and Hilary, according to the latest Young and The Restless spoilers.

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