April 26, 2017
'Teen Mom OG's Farrah Abraham Blasted By 'Marriage Boot Camp' Co-Star Kendra Wilkinson

Farrah Abraham is nothing if not controversial, which is why she frequently makes appearances on reality television shows to add spice and drama. In 2014, she appeared in the Celebrity Big Brother UK franchise where she raised hell with fellow castmates, causing many fights and clashes between one another. Moreover, it seems Farrah Abraham and her family's newest appearance on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Star Family Edition is no different.

Kendra Wilkinson, former Girls Next Door slammed costar Farrah Abraham after the pair clashed on the television series.

When Kendra's mother explained that the mother-daughter pair were after a new beginning, Kendra rolled her eyes. Farrah Abraham chimed in, giving her two cents.

"Why does your daughter roll her eyes like this new beginning is b******t?" she asked Kendra's mother.
In a talking head segment immediately after the confrontation, Kendra expressed her feelings for Teen Mom OG's Farrah Abraham.
"Farrah is very blunt. And I'm not good with blunt. I like to discuss, I like to talk," Kendra stated.
Wilkinson expressed to People that she thought it was best to steer clear of Farrah Abraham during the filming of the show and that she thought Farrah's family and her problems "seemed weird."
"I respect everybody and their situation and their problems. But, I don't know, I didn't really – their whole little thing, I wanted to not be in the same room with them," she told the news outlet.
Wilkinson also explained that she had never watched Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG because she wanted to come to the house with fresh eyes. However, she stated that what she saw of the family was not exactly favorable and she wanted to steer clear of them.

She further stated that the family seemed distant and "cool" and not "real." She says she likes "raw" emotions, not the way Farrah Abraham and her family handle things.

Farrah Abraham has been notorious for fighting and slamming both her family and co-stars. While she and her parents have been in therapy for several years on Teen Mom OG, sometimes it hardly seems like she's making an effort to change anything about her relationship with her parents. She is particularly volatile to her mother, Debra Danielson, whom she often displays a caustic attitude with. At times, she even encourages her young daughter Sophia to be rude to her own grandmother, mimicking Farrah Abraham's attitude of being "annoyed" by her mother.

The reality TV star has also gotten into verbal sparring matches with her on-again off-again boyfriend Simon Saran, usually about seemingly little things that tend to blow up very quickly. A few brave souls have spoken up to Farrah, including her therapist and her mother's fiance, pointing out that she brings negativity and doesn't understand how to talk to people. However, Farrah never seems to take the advice on board, making an appearance on Marriage Bootcamp seem almost futile at this point.

However, Farrah insists that she's ready to work on things, because she's "done with drama in her life."

Recently, she reported that sometimes she got so angry with her mother, that she wished she would die.

"I've seen my mom do very hurtful things. And I've gone to the point where I was like, 'then f**king die already.'" she revealed.
When asked to describe her father in one word on the reality show meant to save their relationship, she calls him "a pansy."

Although Farrah and her family attempt to appear committed to repairing their relationship, it seems that may not actually be the case. While Farrah Abraham may be "sick of drama," it doesn't seem likely it's going to stop following her wherever she goes.

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