'Teen Mom 2's' Leah Messer Says Watching Daughters Play Sports Together Is Bittersweet

Leah Messer recently shared a photo on Instagram of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, playing on the softball field together, and she dubbed the innocent moment bittersweet. The girls, who are now 7, are playing for a local team, however, for Ali, it isn't always easy.

Ali was diagnosed with Titin muscular dystrophy and is evidently the only known child with this rare form of the disorder. While she uses her wheelchair to get around when she's tired and on longer days, Leah Messer and ex Corey Simms, their father, still encourage her to try her best until she can no longer cope.

On Teen Mom 2, fans have seen Ali struggle to keep up with her sisters, longing to be just like any other girl. In many instances, she asks why she can't do the things her sisters can. She even tried her hand at cheerleading, which her twin sister excelled at.

However, Ali's condition is, unfortunately, degenerative, and one day the little girl will be totally wheelchair bound. As a result, her parents have it on hand more often these days. Although some might see the wheelchair as a major step backward, Leah Messer is focusing on the positive and the independence it brings her little one.

"She is adjusting so well to having her wheelchair. She uses it at school; I'll take it with me to Gracie's competitions. She uses it for music, to go up stairs, to go outside and play — to feel independent. She's so much happier," Leah said.

Leah Messer shared a photo of the two playing on their local softball team on her Instagram, with one of her daughters on first base and the other on second, which would surely be a proud moment for any mother.

"It was a moment I had to capture! Ali girl on second base and Aleeah on first. Watching them play softball together is sooo bittersweet!" the 25-year-old mother of three wrote.

The reality star, who has struggled with depression and anxiety, has now turned her life around. After going to an inpatient treatment center, she and ex Corey Simms seem to be getting along much better nowadays. Although there are still things to work on with her other ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, in regard to their daughter, Addie, it appears she is doing much better than she was just a couple seasons ago.
Leah Messer recently turned her thoughts to what her life is going to be like after the Teen Mom 2 franchise ends. MTV has recently added a fifth mom to the series, meaning that air time could be cut, as an insider revealed that many of the young women wanted to be more private or were having issues actually showing up to film when they said they would. It is unclear if this addition and reduction in airtime mean that their salaries will also get slashed.

However, Leah Messer is thinking ahead. The reality star recently made an announcement that she is in training to become a personal coach. With her personal coach business, she will be working alongside Multi-Level Marketing company, LipSense, to sell long-lasting lip products.

This isn't Leah's first foray into make-up, as a recent Teen Mom 2 episode revealed that she had started, but not finished, a cosmetology program. While Leah thought about returning to finish getting her license, she ultimately decided against it because the days the bulk of the classes took place were when she had her time with her daughters.

Ultimately, Leah Messer decided to enroll in West Virginia State University, where she told cameras she was thinking of becoming a communications major.

[Featured Image by Leah Messer/Instagram]