Justin Bieber: Mugshots And Pillow Fights

Justin Bieber's mugshot in 2014 went viral in a matter of hours after the "Love Yourself" singer was arrested for driving under the influence. Today – in 2017 – the 23-year-old singer has commented on his infamous mugshot.

Justin Bieber has had a lot of growing up to do since the DUI incident in 2014. And while Bieber's growing up doesn't mean he can't pillow fight every once in awhile (adults do it too, right?), the singer has avoided legal trouble lately.

As CNN noted, the DUI arrest was just one element of an extremely troublesome time for the Canadian singer. In the same year, Bieber was also given two years probation for egging his neighbor's house, as well as landing in hot water after a video was released showing the singer using the "N" word and and joking about joining the Ku Klux Klan.

Even though Justin Bieber's controversial behavior in public still oftentimes lands him on the top trending news in 2017, at least pop culture is forgetting what Justin Bieber mugshot looks like.

The infamous Justin Bieber mugshot, which was taken after the then-19-year-old singer was arrested for driving under the influence in Miami, went viral online due to Bieber's cheery expression.

On Sunday, Justin Bieber decided to post a throwback picture of the infamous Justin Bieber mugshot via Instagram in 2017.

Justin Bieber took to Instagram on Sunday, April 23 to share a side-by-side picture of his 2014 mugshot and a current 2017 selfie, writing in the caption, "Thank God I'm not where I used to be."

Writing that he "loves" the infamous Justin Bieber mugshot, Justin Bieber acknowledged that he's "not exactly where I want to be" but "thank God I'm not where I used to be" when it seemed like Bieber had completely ruined his singing career in 2014.

Justin Bieber added in the caption to his most recent 2017 Instagram post that "the best is yet to come." And really, the "What Do You Mean?" singer has grown up a lot since the infamous Justin Bieber mugshot – though his growing up didn't affect his pillow-fighting skills.

In a humorous twist, Vanity Fair noted that - despite Justin Bieber claiming that he has grown and changed so much in the past three years, the pictures aren't all that different. Vanity Fair referred to the mugshot photo as that of a "kid smiling," while the 2017 Justin Bieber photo is little more than "a slightly older kid smiling."

While Justin Bieber wasn't exactly a poor kid when the infamous Justin Bieber mugshot surfaced on the internet three years ago, the singer is reaching new financial heights in 2017.

Earlier this month, NME reported that Justin Bieber's Purpose world tour has grossed nearly $200 million. And with Bieber's first-ever stadium dates still to come, Justin Bieber is probably right when he says "the best is yet to come." On top of that, Bieber's world tour has already sold more than 2.2 million tickets.

While Justin Bieber says he's not where he "used to be" when the infamous Justin Bieber mugshot was taken three years ago, the singer still has a lot of work to do improve his public image.

Just recently, Justin Bieber asked his fans to "stop acting like animals" as they followed him from a local Sydney, Australia, restaurant to his car.

Although no new Justin Bieber mugshots have appeared in the media in the past three years – for which Biebs certainly deserves praise – Justin Bieber is no stranger to having scandalous interactions with his fans.

Justin Bieber previously announced he would no longer take selfies with his fans as it made him feel like "a zoo animal."

Justin Bieber getting arrested for DUI in 2014 has certainly helped him review his behavior, but it didn't prevent the singer from accidentally kicking his younger brother during their pillow fight.

While recently having a pillow fight in a hotel room in his native Canada, Justin Bieber had the time of his life with his younger siblings and another kid, according to Time magazine.

At one point in the video of the pillow fight, recorded by Bieber's father, Justin Bieber is seen doing a front flip from one bed to another and accidentally kicking his younger brother while in the air. Oops!

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