Melania Trump's Birthday Tweet: At 47 Years Of Age, Melania Uses Twitter To Talk National Gallery Of Art Lunch

First Lady Melania Trump is now 47 years of age. With a birth date of April 26, 1970, Melania is receiving plenty of birthday wishes on Wednesday. However, instead of using her own Twitter page to bring attention to her day of birthday celebrations, Melania wrote about her excitement at the day's activities, including a luncheon to be held at the National Gallery of Art, on the official FLOTUS account.

"Looking forward to today's Senate spouses luncheon at the National Gallery of Art. A wonderful group doing great things for our country!"
Recently, Melania was spotted with President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump as they dined at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, April 22, as reported by the Inquisitr. Whether that dinner will represent Melania's birthday celebration -- as one social media noted that night, claiming the hotel was on lockdown after the Trump Family entered due to Melania's birthday festivities -- or if Melania and Mr. Trump will celebrate Melania's birthday more on April 26 remains to be seen.
A recent outing for Melania featured her wearing a $2,390 dress in the White House on March 28 as reported by the Inquisitr.

That occasion was captured in photos of Mr. and Mrs. Trump as the couple arrived for a reception for Senators and their spouses in the East Room of the White House. Now that Melania's Twitter account has announced that part of Melania's birthday will be spent at the National Gallery of Art, all eyes will likely be on Melania to see what outfit FLOTUS has chosen for the luncheon.

The most recent photos of Melania on her birthday will eventually flow into Getty Images and the Associated Press gallery of images tagged with Melania's name. Photos of the National Gallery of Art via the Getty Images gallery and the Associated Press image gallery can also be viewed online.
With the National Gallery of Art being an art museum in the heart of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Melania is getting plenty of feedback on social media about her husband's role in the arts. Within about one hour of the verified Twitter account named publishing the news about Melania's birthday activities, the tweet had received more than 4,300 likes on Twitter.

Melania's tweet had also received more than 800 retweets and more that 500 replies. However, not all of the replies that Melania is receiving include wishes for Melania to have a happy birthday. Instead, some of those replying to Melania's tweet are including their political viewpoints among the "Happy Birthday" GIFs and images of Melania hugging a child.

A sampling of the feedback that Melania is receiving on Twitter on her birthday can be read below.

"Are you aware your husband's budget eliminates funding for National Gallery of Art? Maybe you should talk to him about this."

"The arts, not very well endowed now are they? Thanks Donald."

"Who wrote this? Michelle Obama did."

"Will you be dining on gold jewelry...and eating diamonds?"

"Happy Birthday Melania. Thank you for all you are doing for America. We love you."

"Happy Birthday to our beautiful First Lady! Proud of you!!"

"Happy birthday dear First Lady Melania, May the Lord help you & keep you for a long healthy life full of joy & divine fruits, God bless you."

"BTW are you shopping the gallery's going out of business sale now that your hubby has cut off arts funding?"

"Dear FLOTUS - Happy birthday on April 26 and congratulations for all you've done. You are a winner. We are proud of you."

"When is your anti bullying program starting?"

"Are you visiting D.C. today? You're going to like it. You should come visit more often."

[Featured Image by David J. Phillip/AP Images]