‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 864 Spoilers: Big Mom Weakens After Photo Smashes, But Capone Doesn’t Kill Her?

Chapter 864 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece is packed with several twists that make the series a must read for manga fans. With the rather exciting turn of events in the previous chapter, mangaka Eiichiro Oda has opened up several possibilities and numerous directions in which the manga can head.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 863 spoilers and Chapter 864 speculations ahead]

Chapter 863 of manga One Piece was quite explosive. It contained several courageous stunts, some visual trickery as well as a brave confrontation. If that's not all, the chapter also confirmed the execution of a very tricky prerequisite for bringing down Yonko Big Mom. Although Charlotte Linlin would certainly be weakened by Luffy's action, she isn't dead, and mangaka Oda has carefully hidden a few clues that imply the Yonko might not die. Additionally, even if the Yonko does survive, she might not take revenge and kill all those who Luffy D. Monkey holds dear.

The previous chapter revealed how Luffy had managed to create several copies of himself. Although these copies managed to fulfill their requirement of causing utter chaos at Sanji and Pudding's wedding ceremony, in his typical flamboyant fashion, the real Luffy revealed himself to Big Mom. However, before Charlotte Linlin could attack the Straw Hats pirates for ruining her giant wedding cake, Jinbei stepped forth and liberated him.

In one clean sweep, the sharkman helped Luffy get free off the Zeus cloud, confirmed his intentions of joining the Straw Hats gang, and indicated that he was committing the act of mutiny against Big Mom. As expected, Big Mom was quick to demand a portion of Jinbei's lifespan as penalty for the act of desertion. Shockingly, she demanded Jinbei's entire lifespan, but even more shockingly, Jinbei accepted the Yonko's outrageous demand. In a rather strange twist, Big Mom couldn't extract any of Jinbei's lifespan because he wasn't afraid of the Yonko. Instead, Jinbei offered a bowl of sake, which was promptly smashed by Big Mom.

While the earlier chapters showed Lady Pudding's evil agenda going up in smoke after listening to Sanji's kind and compassionate admiration of her third eye, in the current chapter, the only member of the Vinsmoke clan with a kind heart, even saved his would-be-assassin by leaping to her rescue as the wedding cake crumbled. In light of the events, it is highly unlikely that Pudding will still want to kill Sanji and the rest of the Vinsmoke family. In fact, Pudding might even help Sanji evade any attack on him and his family. If Pudding has experienced Sanji's love, she could help them escape, and might even join the Straw Hats crew.

Big Mom has never had any luck while attempting to marry off her daughters to gain political leverage. Neither Lola nor Pudding has helped the Yonko further her evil ambitions. Hence it is likely that Big Mom will outcast her 35th daughter for saving Sanji, and for obbing her of the chance to own one of the most powerful and genetically engineered army that has the soldiers which can be cloned.

While leading the others through the Mirror World, Caesar Clown, who insists that he be called Gastino, was seen squirming. Since Caesar and Brulee are the only two remaining in the Mirror World, it is likely that the evil scientist who created the "Deadly Poison Gas Bullet, the KX Launcher," could collude with the woman who controls the magical portal. However, Capone still has Caesar's heart in his possession. Hence Caesar's impeding actions remain uncertain. Still, Brulee's allegiance to Big Mom is ironclad, and hence she might persuade him to betray Capone.

Although the real Luffy never got anywhere near Mother Caramel's photo, someone dressed like him did approach the sole vulnerability of the Yonko, and even managed to break into two pieces. This action is bound to send Big Mom into painful convulsions. Since no one is wearing the protective ear muffs that Capone had arranged, everyone will surely suffer from Big Mom's high-pitched shrieks.

Chapter 864 of manga One Piece is expected to be released without a break this week. There are several routes that the manga can take. However, as indicated by the recent round of rumors and reports, fans of the series appear to be getting tired of the Big Mom arc. Hence it is likely that mangaka Oda will soon end the same, if not conclude the series.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga/Shueisha]