'Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad Pursues Abby, Nicole And Brady's Domestic Bliss To End In Shocking Twist?

It's Wednesday, and that means we are half way through our week of Days of Our Lives viewing and conversation. Things seem to be going well for Nicole and Brady lately. They began their journey together, on the run to save Nicole's daughter Holly. While pretending to be husband and wife, they realized that they were in love and "meant to be."

Brady, who has obviously been in love with Nicole for years on Days, saving her time and time again from herself. This week on Days of Our Lives, Brady took a long hard look at Nicole and said, "This is our time. This is us." To which Nicole responded, "Perfect is ours for the taking." Nicole and Brady finally make love. They are seen connecting more with their eyes than their bodies, suggesting that they have a true love connection rather than the physical connections we often see from Nicole's "bad choices."

Together, Nicole and Brady share a moment of domestic bliss. Those of us who have been viewing Days of Our Lives for any length of time know that "perfect" rarely happens. For Brady and Nicole, it appears that this time their romance will be far from ideal. The rest of this week on Days is projected to be an insane, filled with action and unexpected enemies. According to a teaser posted on NBC's social media feed this week, Nicole and Brady's domestic bliss on Days of Our Lives may soon be coming to an abrupt halt.

Meanwhile, love doesn't seem to be on Chad's side either, as he is doing everything he can think of to win back Abigail. This week on Days of Our Lives, we have seen a devastated Chad Dimera (Billy Flynn) set up a spectacular scene for Abigail. Unfortunately, the "grand gesture" wasn't well received. Abigail has made it perfectly clear that she intends to move forward with her life, without Chad.
Lani and JJ are on the case, looking for a smooth-talking pimp named Snake. At the Salem Police Department, Raines, Lani, and JJ discuss a new case. Six girls have recently gone missing and the SPD received an anonymous tip that the predator could be a pimp named Snake. Lani sets up a meeting with Snake, which JJ protests but finally agrees to be her backup.

The Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Lani, as played by Sal Stowers, will update JJ (Casey Moss) with details of her encounter with Snake. Unfortunately, by the time the pimp is done with her, she will be pretty messed up.

We saw earlier this week that Snake (Blake Gibbons) "tested" Lani by handing her a drink laced with some sort of drug. Spoilers for Wednesday, April 26 suggest that Lani, although drugged, will be able to outsmart Snake and give JJ updates on her encounter with him.

On the other side of Salem, Steve (Steven Nichols) and his new-found son Tripp (Lucas Adams) will be having another heart to heart this week on Days of Our Lives. This time, they don't talk about Ava. Steve will offer Tripp advice about Jade (Gabrielle Haugh), telling him that he needs to stay as far away from Jade as possible.

Since Jade knows that Joey killed Ava, a secret that everyone is trying desperately to hide, Joey will panic when he finds out that Jade is, in fact, moving in with Tripp. Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Jade will slip when talking to Tripp, however, it is unclear as to how much trouble is brewing with these characters.

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