April 27, 2017
'Survivor: Game Changers' Ozzy Lusth Talks Being Dethroned And Reveals If He Would Play Again

Last week on Survivor: Game Changers, Ozzy Lusth, and Hali Ford were dethroned after the two tribes merged into one. Ozzy was eliminated with seven votes to send him packing on the day 24.

Ozzy previously played on Survivor: Cook Islands, Survivor: Micronesia, and Survivor: South Pacific---Game Changers was the fourth season under his belt.

Reality TV World shared an exclusive interview with Lusth as he talked about his most recent stint on the CBS reality TV show.

Ozzy revealed that he gave everything he had in that last immunity challenge, and there was nothing he could have given to win and secure his safety. He admitted feeling upset that Tai was the one that dethroned him, which ultimately led to him being taken out of the game.

"I think in any challenge like that, I'm going to give every last piece of me. I was holding on as hard as I could and it just, you know, my muscles couldn't do it anymore," Lusth explained. "It just got to the point of failure. "

The 34-year-old reality TV castaway didn't understand why the tribe would vote him off when he was the primary person providing food for everyone. Ozzy revealed that Brad Culpepper was fishing and catching "some fish," but not nearly the amount he did.
"Brad was able to catch a little bit of fish, but he also wasn't quite as good at it. So I was just naturally better, but he was able to catch a little bit of fish. So I've got to give him a little bit of credit for that. So I think the pressure is going to be on him now to really step up, and we'll see if he can do it! "
Lusth believes that Brad had a role in getting him voted out. He thinks that when people asked how they would eat if he were gone, that Culpepper said he would step up to the plate and catch fish.

Ozzy still believes that it wasn't Jeff Varner's place to out Zeke Smith as transgender and claims he hasn't spoken to him since returning from the CBS reality TV show. He doesn't think Varner exposed Zeke's transgender status to be mean; he wanted to win the game.

"I still feel that it's a shame he did what he did. I just, more than anything, feel sorry for him, because I think it just comes from a place of fear," Lusth explained. "He just got the desire to do better, to get further in the game, or to win."

Ozzy added that it wouldn't have mattered if Varner wouldn't have outed Smith, he was going home, "no matter what."

Lusth believed that he had a real chance this time to win. And, he still thinks he could have gone all the way if he hadn't trusted his alliance so much. If he would have gone to the end, he wanted to take Zeke with him.

The four-time Survivor player claimed that he is surprised that Culpepper may have had a had a pre-game alliance with Sierra Thomas and Troyzan Robertson. Apparently, Brad allegedly has a separate alliance with Debbie. He said that he never had a pre-game alliance with anyone, and it is disappointing to hear that people go in the game with an "unfair advantage."

As for who he thinks will win this season, he said Cirie Fields. He said she is a great person and regularly offers to help at camp.

"She's able to get so far into the game without any real physical power or real incredible, like, survival skills. She does it by using her personality, and I really appreciate her and what she contributes to the game."
Ozzy stated that he was completely shocked that CBS asked him to play the game a fourth time. And, if they would ask him to return again, he would jump at the chance!
Survivor: Game Changers airs Wednesday nights on CBS.

[Featured Image by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images]