'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ava's Guilty Conscience Could Lead To A Confession-Will She Spill Her Secret?

Ava Jerome has done some bad things on General Hospital since she came to Port Charles, but she has yet to pay for her crimes. Her latest scheme had her switching Morgan Corinthos' bipolar meds, which was the reason he got into that explosive car in the first place. Now that he is supposedly dead, Ava has struggled to keep her secret from being exposed. She has also felt a little bit guilty about what she did. Will she eventually confess her sins or will someone else do it for her?

Spoilers for Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, coming from SheKnows Soaps, reveal that Ava will struggle with a guilty conscience. In addition, Lucy Coe will also struggle on whether to reveal what she knows about the pill-switching. It sounds like these two ladies may rethink their situation, but it is doubtful that they will spill the secret.

What about Scott Baldwin? Besides Lucy, he is the only other person who knows that Ava had those pills in her possession. In fact, he has helped cover it up for Ava. If the truth all comes out, both Scott and Lucy could go down with her.

General Hospital Lucy Coe
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However, it is unlikely that anyone will confess. By Thursday, General Hospital spoilers hint that things may start looking up for Ava Jerome after all. Despite the fact that she has some moments of guilt about what she did to Morgan, and may have had a fleeting moment of wanting to confess, something must happen to change her mood.

Dante has that bottle of pills in his hot little hands right now. He has been wracking his brain trying to figure out what is going on and who was in possession of that bottle when the robbery happened at the Floating Rib. There is a possibility that Ava somehow swipes the pills right out from under his nose, or Scott does the deed.

According to more General Hospital spoilers for this week, Scott will once again get involved with trying to cover up for Ava. TV Source says that he will come up with a plan to make sure that he, Ava, and Lucy will not get caught. Will it be successful?

Ava is expected to form some sort of bond with Dr. Griffin Munro soon. While it may seem like those two will become romantically involved, that may not be the case at all. With Ava's guilty conscience coming to the forefront, she may just find a friend in Griffin. Or it may be confession time after all.

Since Griffin is also a priest, this may just be her chance to do some confessing, but not to the police. It sounds like she finds a friend in Griffin and could possibly seek some advice on the part that she played in Morgan's death. Will she really confess her sins to the priest and free her conscience?

Ava has committed many crimes over the years, but this is one that she totally regrets. Many viewers think it is time that Ava pays for all that she has done. This is eating her up inside. She did care for Morgan and never wanted any harm to come to him. Even though it was ultimately her sister, Liv Jerome, who killed Morgan by planting that bomb in the car, Ava knows that the pill-switching is what caused him to steal the vehicle in the first place.

More General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sonny and Carly will receive some news regarding their son's death. If it has something to do with the bottle of pills, then Ava better watch out. If those two eventually discover what she did to their son to cause him to get in that car, she better run for her life.

Will Ava's secret be revealed eventually? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see whether someone will confess, or if Sonny and Carly will follow the clues that lead them straight to Ava Jerome.

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