Caitlyn Jenner Tells Kris Jenner 'Go Write Your Own Book,' Biographer Thinks She Is 'Full Of S***'

Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kris Jenner, ex-wife to Caitlyn Jenner has been slammed by the former Olympian for her continued criticism of the recently released memoir The Secrets of My Life. Following Kris' statements where she claimed that the memoir was filled with lies, Caitlyn's biographer seemingly had enough and said Kris Jenner was "full of s***."

Buzz Bissinger, 62, is the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist behind Caitlyn Jenner's memoir The Secrets of My Life. According to Daily Mail, Bissinger rose up to defend Caitlyn Jenner on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday. The journalist claims that Kris Jenner was only slamming Caitlyn's new memoir in order to gain storylines for the reality show she stars in, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Apparently, the reality star read a copy of The Secrets of My Life and told her daughters what she thought of it during Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "I read it and basically the only nice thing she had to say was that I was great socially at a party one time," Kris Jenner said.

As a result, on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday Caitlyn Jenner was asked about her stand on Kris' complaint about the new memoir. However, Bissinger who co-authored the memoir stepped in and unloaded what was on his mind. "Kris, I don't know how to say this, she is full of s***, she is full of s***," the Pulitzer Prize-winner snapped.

According to News, Caitlyn revealed that she actually said a lot of nice things about her ex-wife to which Bissinger chimed in, listing several examples of the latter. According to Bissinger, the memoir included references to the love they shared, as well as Kris' parenting skills and business acumen. "I say so many nice things about Kris in that book, I do," Caitlyn tells interviewer Jenny Boylan.

The former Olympian later suggested that Kris may be saying such things about the memoir for the benefit of their reality series. "She's saying it on a reality show that has a lot of drama in it..." Caitlyn began. "[But] I guess it's real in her heart."

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner maintains a solid stance on her claims that Caitlyn's transition came as a massive shock to her. However, Caitlyn continues to go against Kris' denials of the situation, claiming that she did have an idea about the struggles the former Olympian went through in order to transition. "She says it's all made up — it's not. Even when Kris and I were going our separate directions four years ago, I never thought I'd be able to transition," Caitlyn said. "Not in a million years."

Apparently, Bissinger again chimes in on Caitlyn's point regarding the matter, saying that it was not likely for Kris to not have any idea about what her then-husband was going through. "If you were with someone who had breasts from hormones, who was taking hormones and later had to have those breasts removed, wouldn't you start to think that something was up with that person?"

Ultimately, Caitlyn Jenner's co-author strongly believes that the actions Kris made in order to pick on the new memoir was all in the name of getting material for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. "So I don't know what she's talking about except that it's fodder for her fr*cking show, that's what I think," Bissinger said.

He later added that the new memoir The Secrets of My Life was written in a way that they avoided being mean spirited. Apparently, both Caitlyn and Bissinger agree that they did well on keeping the book away from any form of vulgarity.

As for Caitlyn Jenner, she chose to challenge Kris Jenner in light of her ex's continued attacks on her new memoir. "If you're unhappy with my memoir, write your own," Caitlyn said. "She can go write her own book. Maybe that'll happen, but it wouldn't be as juicy as mine."

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