Melania Trump Isn't Miserable Despite Claims Of Unhappiness And Lack Of Closeness With Donald Trump

From the first awkward moments of Inauguration Day to the recent boarding of Air Force One, observers could definitely tell that there was something off between President Donald Trump and Melania Trump. As compared to previous presidents who have made it a point to paint a picture of a happy and healthy marriage, the Trump's pale alongside them.

There are numerous video clips and photos of the first couple in seemingly awkward situations, the most notable of which happened during Inauguration Day. Looking back on what might have been one of Donald Trump's most triumphant days, it can be recalled that when the first couple arrived in black S.U.V. at the White House to greet Barack and Michelle Obama, Donald Trump left Melania behind. Apparently, Donald Trump rushed to dismount the vehicle and proceeded up the stairs to greet the Obama's while Melania made her way over alone with a large Tiffany box.

Moreover, another strange moment soon followed during Franklin Graham's blessing whereas Donald happily turned around to look at Melania Trump. It was unclear if there was an exchange of words between the first couple, but it was crystal clear that when Donald turned back to the crowd, Melania's face soon fell into a miserable frown.

Evidently, there are more awkward moments that led to the widespread assumption that Melania Trump is utterly miserable in their marriage. Moreover, there are also those who believe that Melania is being held against her will or that the first couple is not truly in love with one another. Hence the birth of the #SaveMelania and #SadMelania trends on social media.

In light of the supposedly cold relationship between Donald Trump and Melania Trump, there have been sources who claimed that the President was rude to Melania while she was pregnant with Barron Trump. According to The Huffington Post, Donald Trump only agreed to have a baby with Melania Trump if she promised to work toward getting her figure back post-pregnancy. "She promised him that everything would go back to the way it was," an insider reveals. "There was no, 'How do you feel?' No opening of doors, making sure she didn't fall. Just 'You wanted to have a baby. "

Aside from the treatment she allegedly received from Donald Trump, Melania Trump was also exposed to the harsh elements of the media. There have been those who questioned her decision on staying behind in New York City and there was even a petition to make her move to the White House in the name of saving taxpayers' money.

Moreover, the first lady was also criticized for the platform she decided to stand for when she was to become the first lady. Apparently, Melania Trump wanted to fight cyberbullying, a claim that she may have made whilst being blind to the part where her husband may be one of those cyber bullies she aims to battle.

As a result, Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus called her out her alleged self-centeredness. "It was the height of spoiled self-centeredness. Of a very privileged, wealthy woman looking only at herself, who clearly has no thoughts or care for the people her husband has damaged, ruined, and traumatized by his cyber bullying."

With all the controversy surrounding Melania Trump's role as the first lady, including her relationship with Donald Trump and the rumored cold treatment between her and Ivanka Trump, Melania's slow pace when it comes to being the first lady might already be explained. Apparently, there are suspicions about the frosty relationship between Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump since the first daughter stepped in for the first lady.

However, despite all the rumors and assumption running rampant on social media and on the streets, there are witnesses that claim Melania and Donald Trump have a good marriage. According to Vanity Fair, a friend and decorator to the first couple, William Eubanks claimed that Melania actually enjoys letting Donald Trump have the limelight. "She enjoys her role of stepping back and letting him take center stage," the friend reveals.

Chiming in with Eubanks is Lisa Bytner who did P.R. work for Trump Model Management in 1999 and is now a friend of the first couple. According to Bytner, Melania Trump does not make "waves." Hence Donald apparently found the perfect mate in Melania. "She speaks only when spoken to. She's just very sweet." While there are ongoing signs that imply Melania's misery and stress over her new found role were taking its toll on her, nothing is proven until the first lady confirms anything.

[Featured Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]