‘Shameless’ Season 8 Starts Filming Next Month, But When Does It Air?

The finale of Season 7 of Shameless aired on Showtime on December 18 of last year, and it left fans with a lot of questions regarding Season 8. A few of the biggest ones being: when is Season 8 going to air, and does Season 8 have a premiere date yet?

Shameless Season 8 Starts Filming Next Month

Fortunately, Shameless star Emmy Rossum took to Twitter to confirm that not only would she be returning to continue her role as Fiona Gallagher, but that Season 8 would start filming in May (next month).

As MIC reminds us, there was a period of time where Shameless fans were not sure about the fate of the Showtime series. It had been revealed that William H. Macy – who plays Frank Gallagher – was making significantly more money than Emmy. While exact numbers were not made public, it was public knowledge that Emmy Rossum was not willing to continue her role until they gave her a new salary that she considered to be fair.

William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum attending a premiere screening of Shameless
William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum [Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]

Considering Emmy's character Fiona has been with the series since it started and gets as much – if not more – air time than William H. Macy's character, it is understandable that she would want wages that were equivalent to what he was making. The other big issue with the salary dispute was the fact that Emmy wanted to be compensated for the money she believes she should have been making from the beginning for the first seven seasons, when Macy made more money than she did.

While the details of what was worked out were never made public, and likely never will be, Emmy will be returning for Season 8 of Shameless.

When Does Shameless Season 8 Premiere?

Inquisitr reported a month ago that Shameless Season 8 did not yet have a premiere date. Unfortunately, Showtime still hasn't confirmed an air date for the premiere of Season 8. Emmy letting the fact that they were starting to film Season 8 next month slip on social media actually caused a bit of confusion in Shameless fan groups and on Shameless fan pages. There have even been some instances where fans have talked about how excited they are for Shameless to start next month. Fans will have to continue to hang on a little longer as next month is just when the series starts filming, not airing.

Isidora Goreshter, Emmy Rossum and Shanola Hampton at The Women of
Isidora Goreshter, Emmy Rossum, and Shanola Hampton [Image by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Showtime/AP Images]

The Inquisitr, however, has previously speculated when the premiere date for Season 8 could be. Most Shameless fans are expecting a premiere date of Season 8 to happen during the month of October. However, it is important to keep in mind that there have been seven season of Shameless and it has only had one season premiere during the month of October. While it is true that Season 7 premiered during the beginning of October, the other six seasons of the Showtime series premiered during the second week of January. So, it is just as likely that Season 8 of Shameless could premiere during January of next year.

Shameless Season 8 Spoilers And Rumors

Showtime – and the cast members – have done a pretty good job keeping a tight lid on what is going to come of Season 8 of Shameless. Perhaps the biggest reason why there are no real spoilers for Season 8 at this point in time is because they haven't started filming yet. In fact, the trailer released by Showtime announcing that there would be a Season 8 of the series is just a compilation of clips from previous seasons of the show. Perhaps, after next month comes and they start filming, Shameless fans can get a little taste of some Season 8 spoilers.

Are you happy to know they are going to start filming Season 8 of Shameless next month? Do you like knowing you may have to wait until next year to watch Season 8? Share your thoughts with us in the comment's section found down below.

[Featured Image by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for Showtime/AP Images]