WWE News: Triple H Explains Why Jinder Mahal Is In The World Title Scene Now

Fans have often asked for the WWE to start pushing new stars instead of the same old names at the top. However, when the WWE chooses a new star to push, many times fans will rebel against their choice. That happened on SmackDown Live when Jinder Mahal won a match to determine the new number one contender to Randy Orton and the WWE world title.

The biggest problem with the WWE today is that everyone knows it is pre-determined. In the past, when a wrestler won a match to earn a title shot, the idea was that the best person would win and the fans would cheer or boo the wrestler based on whether they wanted them there or not. Now, fans boo wrestlers like Jinder Mahal knowing that the WWE is pushing them and they want someone else.

Triple H did an interview with USA Today this week and spoke about the decision to push Jinder Mahal, as well as bringing back Drew McIntyre to the company. According to Triple H, they were both young when they started with the WWE and he asked them both to improve and learn more on the indies and overseas and the WWE would give them another chance down the line.

WWE News: Triple H Explains Why Jinder Mahal Is In The World Title Scene Now
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One problem a lot of people have is that Jinder Mahal was a jobber, losing to everyone when he returned to the WWE. He hadn't won a match on SmackDown in years before winning the number one contender's match. Just one week before, Jinder Mahal lost in a squash match to Finn Balor.

However, Triple H said it is about giving him a chance. Triple H said the most impressive thing about Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre is that they left the WWE "as boys" and returned "as men" with a lot more experience and ready to learn more. From the way it sounds, the WWE put Jinder Mahal in a lot of matches that he lost to test him.

"From the second [Jinder Mahal has] been back it's been, 'What else can I do to make this work? What else can I do to improve? What else can I do to get to the next level?' It takes time. You bring people back, you let them get their feet wet a bit, you make sure they've matured in the way you want them to and move from there."
Triple H said that Jinder Mahal has done so much to prove he wants to improve that it was time to see if the WWE could do something with him. Triple H said it didn't work the first time through for Jinder Mahal, but there is no reason not to give him a chance this time around.

The problem with Jinder Mahal on SmackDown Live is that he has been a jobber in the WWE for a very long time. WWE fans have never seen him improve outside of the company, since Jinder Mahal wrestled in smaller promotions outside the United States while away from the WWE.

WWE News: Triple H Explains Why Jinder Mahal Is In The World Title Scene Now
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On the other hand, Drew McIntyre went back to Scotland and proved himself all over again as Drew Galloway. Before Drew joined 3-Man-Band, he was an upper-mid card talent. Then, he was stuck in the jobber group with Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater before leaving.

Outside of Scotland, Drew McIntyre also showed up in Evolve, which WWE has a strong relationship with, and looked great. He also showed up in TNA Impact Wrestling and won their world title. Fans saw Drew McIntyre doing a lot of great stuff over the last two years, so when he returned to the WWE as a part of NXT, they expected him to be a star, unlike Jinder Mahal.

As far as Triple H is concerned, both men proved themselves while away and both Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal deserve this second chance to make something of themselves in the WWE.

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