'Heroes Of The Storm' 2.0 Update Now Live, Earn Loot Boxes And Skins For D.Va, Genji In 'Overwatch'

The 2.0 update for Blizzard Entertainment's Heroes of the Storm is now ready for players. New heroes, the new Hanamura battleground, redesigned progression, and an updated loot system are just a few of the new and revamped features of the game. Not to mention, players can start working alongside a friend to earn new skins for Overwatch and new items for Heroes of the Storm with the Nexus Challenge 2.0. Loot boxes for both titles are also rewarded for the challenge.

In Heroes of the Storm 2.0, player levels and hero levels are no longer capped. Players can always earn levels from heroes they play which contribute to their personal Player Level. As hero levels and player levels increase, several rewards are earned. Leveling heroes still rewards gold, but players will now find Loot Chests as rewards for leveling heroes and subsequently increasing their player level as well.

Each player level reached that does not offer a special Loot Chest will reward players with a basic Loot Chest. Every five levels, a Rare Loot Chest is rewarded and every 25 levels, an Epic Loot Chest is earned. Each Loot Chest has four Nexus Coins within, containing various items like heroes, sprays, skins, announcers, banners, and much more.


The levels of all heroes contribute to an overall player level, but leveling different heroes lets players earn hero-specific Loot Chests. Every 10th level a hero reaches rewards the player with a hero-specific chest guaranteeing one item for that hero. According to the Heroes of the Storm 2.0 patch notes, every five levels, heroes get 500 gold as well.

Shards can be found in Loot Chests that can be used to create the cosmetic items of a player's choice. This new currency is only found in Loot Chests. They can be found as drops from a Loot Chest's Nexus Coins, and they are available as compensation for duplicate content found in Loot Chests.

The revamped progression system is just one major aspect of the 2.0 update. Genji and the Hanamura map from Overwatch are now live in Heroes of the Storm as part of the update. Genji can throw shuriken, dash forward to enemies, deflect attacks, and more. The Hanamura map tasks teams with moving payloads to attack their foes' core. This is the only way the core's barrier can be damaged in this mode.

More Overwatch come to Heroes of the Storm in 2.0 update
The cybernetic ninja Genji is playable now in both games [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

As the Inquistir reported, Genji joins Tracer, Zarya, and Lúcio in the Overwatch section of the Heroes of the Storm roster after some time on the public test realm. As detailed on the 2.0 overview, another new Overwatch hero will be joining the game soon. D.Va and her MEKA are coming soon to the game as part of the update. She is not yet available, but starting next week, players can earn content for her in Overwatch just for playing Heroes of the Storm.

As part of the Nexus Challenge 2.0, players can pick up items for both games. This week, players will need to finish five games with a friend to earn Genji items. Just playing five games with a friend in Versus AI, Quick Match, Unranked, or Ranked modes will unlock the Orochi motorcycle, the Oni Warbanner, the Oni Spray, and the Genji Portrait in Heroes of the Storm. Completing this objective will also reward the player with the Oni Genji skin, player icon, and spray in Overwatch as well.

The second part of the Nexus Challenge 2.0 begins on May 1. After finishing up the first quest, players can play another five games with a friend to earn the Busan Police Hovercylce Mount and the Officer D.Va skin in Overwatch. Starting with the second week, players cannot complete their matches in Versus AI, unfortunately.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 progression update, new leveling system
Hanamura, Genji, and D.Va come from Overwatch to the Nexus [Image by Blizzard Entertainment]

The week of May 8, the third quest starts and another five games alongside a friend will be required to earn other mounts, sprays, and more in Heroes of the Storm. A spray and player icon will be rewarded in Overwatch for the third week. Finally, the last week of the Nexus Challenge 2.0 requires players to complete the previous quests and finish another five games with a friend to earn 10 Loot Chests for both titles. Overwatch players on consoles will need to link their console account with their Blizzard account to unlock their rewards. Simply log into Battle.net and visit account management to manage Connected Accounts.

Players will need to get started soon to complete the quests and objectives for Nexus Challenge 2.0. Each week, a new step may open, but they will only be available until May 22. To earn their rewards, Heroes of the Storm players will need complete the quests before that date to get their items unlocked on both games.

[Image by Blizzard Entertainment]