Kylie Jenner's Lipstick Collaboration With Kim Kardashian Harshly Criticized

Kylie Jenner's new KKW creme liquid lipstick collection may have sold out, but that doesn't mean all fans are thrilled about the latest cosmetics launch. In fact, more than a few of Jenner's lip kit followers took to social media to share their disapproval of the teen's newest addition.

Fans called out Kylie Cosmetics' latest product on the brand's Instagram posts, as people said all of the colors look the same and criticized Jenner for not modeling the shades on women of different skin tones.

"They're all so similar lol."

"They all look the same."

Commenters were left asking what the nude-to-pink shades look like on various skin tones as Kylie relied on white models to showcase her new product. One commenter not so jokingly asked to see the KKW creme colors on women with "melanin" skin pigment.
"Let's see how these colors looks on girls with melanin please."
Other Kylie Cosmetics followers straight up asked why the Kim Kardashian shades aren't modeled on darker skin tones as well.
"Why aren't there swatches with darker skin tones?"

"Wish I knew how it looked on darker skin..."

While some are skeptical about Kylie's newest creations, others couldn't wait to get their hands on the nude tones. The $45 kit of four lipsticks sold out within minutes, according to International Business Times. Kardashian-Jenner fans need not worry, though, as the 19-year-old cosmetics mogul promised a restock.

Kylie took to Twitter to share her joy in seeing the KKW liquid lipsticks sell out as she thanked fans and told them to stay tuned.

"Wow what a crazy day!!!! Thank you guys for all the love on KKW KYLIE COLLECTION!"

"We are SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for the restock."
Obviously, while some Jenner followers are busy critiquing the Kim Kardashian collaboration, others were just as busy purchasing it. One Kardashian-Jenner fan said it was the first item she's ordered from Kylie's ever-growing cosmetics line.
It may not come as a surprise to fans to learn the collection of nude shades quickly sold out as Kylie's previous collaboration with sister Khloe Kardashian also sold out fast. However, unlike with her Koko Kollection launch, Kylie didn't take to Snapchat and Instagram to hype up the release of the KKW lipsticks.

Jenner simply shared a post alerting her followers that the line was about to launch, as opposed to giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the release as she did with previous Kylie Cosmetics products. Then again, Kylie has been more low-key when it comes to her cosmetics line recently.

While Jenner still shares swatches of new products on Snapchat, she has taken a new toned-down approach to marketing. For the KKW collaboration, the sisters released a video detailing why Kim decided to share her love of a nude lip with Kylie's customers.

International Business Times quoted the 36-year-old as she explained why she chose the shades she did.

"My makeup looks definitely put me in a mood, definitely give me different personalities. I wanted to do all nude shades because that's really all that I wear. So I have so many different shades of nudes that I wear, so I just wanted to, you know, bring them into our collection."

The Kardashian-Jenner crew is definitely cashing in on the nude lipstick craze as the sisters prove their brand is still as popular as ever. However, that doesn't mean Kylie hasn't had her fair share of bad reviews. Recently, customers were complaining on social media as they received empty Kylighters — another new release that generated plenty of headlines as the highlighters quickly sold out.

Prior to the Kylighter fiasco, Kylie was forced to issue an apology and send customers new wands after some received defective lip glosses. Of course, the product issues aren't the only times Kylie Cosmetics has faced public scrutiny. Jenner was accused of copying makeup artist Vlada Haggerty's artwork, and as Popsugar reported, Haggerty threatened to sue.

By now, Jenner is most likely used to dealing with criticisms when it comes to her cosmetics line, and it doesn't seem to be slowing her down any.

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]