'Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind, Chelsea Houska's Ex, Fails Court-Ordered Drug Tests

Teen Mom 2 fans are familiar with Chelsea Houska's ex, Adam Lind, who is often full of excuses when it comes to parenting Aubree, the child the pair share together. Adam's absence has been so harshly felt that Chelsea has even become friends with his other baby mama, a woman named Taylor, to offer each other support when it comes to dealing with Lind.

Adam Lind has frequently been heard blasting Teen Mom 2, stating that he was often given a bad edit on the show and that Chelsea was trying to replace him in Aubree's life with her new husband, Cole DeBoer. However, according to Chelsea, Lind does not often show up to Aubree's major life events, fails to call her on her birthday and shows up to her sports games only when he knows the crew will be there to film him.

According to the narrative on Teen Mom 2, Lind is also very behind on child support payments for both Aubree and his other daughter with ex, Taylor Halbur. Due to "being edited badly," Lind has threatened to quit the show numerous times and failed to show up for last season's reunion special.

The teen dad appeared in court in February of this year for allegedly owing Chelsea $3,700 and Taylor Halbur $7,000 in back payments.

"He isn't paying because he's an idiot and thinks the amount isn't fair," said an insider close to Adam.
However, it appears the legal drama isn't over for him.

Both of his baby mamas, Chelsea and Taylor, as well as cast and crew, were concerned that Lind was using. After the girls had contacted the court system saying they were afraid his drug use was putting their children in danger, the court ordered a drug test. He failed the first one, but it was written off as faulty.

However, according to The Ashley, he recently took another drug test which he failed.

"Adam had over 300 ng/ml of amphetamine detected in his system, as well as over 800 ng/ml of methamphetamine," it said.
Due to these new findings, Lind has lost unsupervised visits with his youngest daughter, Paislee. For several years, his visits with Aubree have been court-demanded as supervised by his parents, and this has not changed the arrangement.There is currently no word on whether he has paid all that he owes Chelsea and Taylor for their child support.

Reportedly, he has also not been filming on Teen Mom 2 and this new season may be completely Adam-less. However, with the addition of Teen Mom 3's Briana DeJesus and Chelsea Houska wanting to remain more private in recent years since her wedding and birth of her baby, Watson, fans may not miss him too much.

Teen Mom 2 viewers will remember that Chelsea spent several seasons pining over bad boy Adam and hoping that the pair would reunite so that the three of them could be a family. But, since a leopard doesn't change its spots, Chelsea was never able to achieve her dream with Adam.

Chelsea has since met and married Cole DeBoer, who has taken over many of the dad duties for Aubree. While she adamantly calls him Cole instead of dad, it is clear Aubree looks up to Cole and that he is doing fantastically as a father figure in her life. On Teen Mom 2, he shows up to events where Adam is noticeably missing, such as softball games, school concerts, and birthday parties.

Cole even included Aubree in proposing to her mother, Chelsea. The little girl was also included in the wedding and Chelsea has done her best to ensure her daughter does not lack anything.

[Featured Image by Adam Lind/Instagram]