WWE News As Roman Reigns Opens Up About Brother Rosey's Death: 'He Was My Number One Fan'

In WWE news, Roman Reigns has finally opened up about the tragic death of his older brother, Rosey. Roman's brother, Rosey, also known as Matthew Anoa'i, passed away at just 47-years-old last week on Monday, and Reigns took off the past week in order to properly grieve the loss of his brother, and also to allow some time for his wrestling injuries to heal.

After having some time spent in mourning, where he could reflect on the death of his brother, Roman Reigns is now speaking publicly about Rosey, as Sportskeeda report.

"Right now, it's one of those situations where it's a lot of mixed feelings. When you live in a big family, it's always great to be able to come together, but to have to come together to send off a brother — and not only was he my brother, but in our family, even when you're cousins, we're all so close that we feel like brothers."
Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens at WWE Live Duesseldorf on February 22, 2017.
Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens at WWE Live Duesseldorf on February 22, 2017.[Image by Lukas Schulze/Getty Images]

Roman Reigns also spoke of the tremendous support he was grateful to have always had from his brother when it came to the world of WWE and wrestling. Reigns said that Matthew Anoa'i watched every match he ever had and would always be there if Roman needed guidance or even just someone to talk to.

"He was my number one fan. He never missed a match, he never missed anything I did in the ring, he always had great advice for me and always reached out to talk."
The official cause of death of Roman Reigns' brother, Rosey, is not yet known, but according to Give Me Sport, in 2014 Rosey was suffering from congestive heart failure and was hospitalized. One might say that wrestling runs in the blood of Roman's family, as the Anoa'i clan has produced Rosey, Roman Reigns, The Rock, Umaga, and Rikishi. As the Inquisitr reports, Roman Reigns hasn't partaken in any WWE matches since his brother died.
"Reportedly dying of congestive heart failure on April 17, Matt Anoa'i was only 47 years old and Reigns will require time to process what has happened. Therefore, the polarising star will not work WWE live events this coming weekend and has been handed some brief compassionate leave to mourn the loss of his sibling."
On Monday night's RAW, wrestling fans finally received confirmation that Roman Reigns will be returning to the world of WWE over the weekend for Payback, which is the next pay-per-view. Fox Sports reported that after grieving for his brother, Roman Reigns is going to push through his pain and has determined that the best way that he could show his love and respect for his brother is by honoring Rosey's legacy.
"It was an extremely sad weekend, and it's still really tough. Everybody's grieving. But to see our family come together and have a hundred-plus family and friends come together to celebrate my brother's life really meant a lot. It just continually picks up our family and keeps us moving on. This is a tough time but like everything in life we can learn from it and get better from it. My only hope now is that I can continue to represent my family and represent my brother and continue to push our legacy."
[Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

After RAW, things should be fairly normal again for Roman Reigns, at least in terms of the WWE and wrestling. The WWE appears to be doing a build-up for his match with Braun Strowman on Sunday, April 30. This match will be an excellent way for Reigns to keep his fierce momentum going after his defeat of the Undertaker at WrestleMania 33. With Braun Strowman rumored to possibly be WWE's next big superstar, as the Inquisitr recently reported, Sunday's match between Strowman and Reigns is sure to be electric.

Are you looking forward to Roman's WWE match on Sunday and were you surprised to hear that Roman Reigns' brother, Rosey, passed away when he did?

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