Gareon Conley Rape Kit Results Not In: Rape Accuser Claims Gareon Raped Mad 'White Girl' Kicked Out His Room

According to Cleveland investigative reporter Carl Monday, police have released the following information about the alleged rape that an unnamed woman has accused Gareon Conley of conducting.

On April 9, 2017, while assigned to a specific police car, the authorities received a call that there was a possible sexual assault at 777 St. Clair. Upon their arrival, police were met by the alleged rape victim who said she was raped by a male in a room at the Weston Hotel. She had been out and about with her friends at 2:45 a.m. when she walked back to the Westin Hotel. In the elevator with her friends, she met Gareon and decided not to go with her friends, but went to Gareon's room. In the room, there was another male who was in the bathroom with a black woman. There was "commotion" going on in the bathroom. The rape accuser claimed Gareon asked if she wanted to have a foursome with the copulating couple in the bathroom. The rape accuser then claimed that she told Gareon that she just wanted to watch the couple have sex in the bathroom, claiming she said that only to try and avoid having sex with Conley.

After getting up from the hotel bed and walking into the bathroom, the rape accuser claims Gareon reached into his sock and grabbed her and spun her around and unbuttoned her pants, spinning her back around and pulling down her pants. Then the rape accuser said Conley bent her over in the bathroom and raped her, while she told him that it hurt and told him to stop.

"No stop, it hurts!"
Within minutes, Gareon was done, according to his rape accuser, and Conley kicked the rape accuser out of his hotel room. She described him to police as a man who would not take his sunglasses off and displayed a tattoo on his left forearm.
Authorities went up to the hotel room, knocked on the door, but no one answered the door. They got a hotel key and entered the room to find two men sleeping. One slept on a bed that was near the window while the other slept in a chair near the window. One of the men "gathered himself" from sleep and told the officers that he did indeed have sex with his girlfriend — "the black female," as the report identifies the women. That man claims that he kicked out his own girlfriend after they had sex. The black woman did not want to make a statement. He said that he did not touch "the white girl," but said that his best friend was "with the white girl." He claimed he never touched "the white girl." He also said that the "white girl got mad because she got kicked out of the room."

The second male, presumably Gareon, said that he sat in a chair by the window the entire time, and that he laid on a bed the entire time with the girl, but that nothing happened. As reported by the NFL, witnesses claimed nothing happened between the rape accuser and Gareon.

The rape accuser was sent to Metro Hospital for a rape kit and treatment and wasn't interviewed by police. The rape accuser kept saying "she wanted to go home and that her dignity was stripped from her in a manner of minutes." She did not want to talk to police after that.

As reported by TMZ, Gareon denied the rape claims and event tweeted about the rape accusations.

As seen in the top photo above, Conley made a catch while running a drill during football Pro Day at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, on Thursday, March 23. The tattoos on his arms can be seen in the photos. Stay tuned to TMZ's Gareon Conley page for results of the rape kit.

[Featured Image by Paul Vernon/AP Images]