WWE Rumors: Paul Heyman's Next Client Could Be The Superstar With The Longest Undefeated Streak In History

For years, Paul Heyman's main and primary client has been the beast known as Brock Lesnar, but he may soon find himself with one of the best wrestlers in the world as part of his stable. Rumors are flying around that the superstar with the longest undefeated streak in wrestling history will hit WWE's main roster and immediately go under the tutelage of the iconic manager. Yes, current NXT Women's Champion Asuka could end up the first "Paul Heyman Girl."

Right now, Paul Heyman is pretty pleased with his lone client who is the WWE Universal Champion after defeating Goldberg at WrestleMania 33. As expected, Lesnar will now appear sporadically since his contract calls for only a certain number of dates each year.

Unfortunately for WWE fans, this keeps both of the entertaining members of the Monday Night Raw roster off the air. Well, there may be a chance to see Heyman on TV more if the rumors are true and Asuka ends up his next client.

wwe rumors paul heyman client girl asuka nxt undefeated streak brock lesnar
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Good Mic Work Commentaries, by way of ComicBook.com, is saying that the rumors floating around have Asuka becoming a client of Heyman when she hits the main roster. It is quite possible she could end up falling under the guidance of one of the smartest minds in wrestling history.

That would be quite fitting as Asuka recently became the superstar with the longest undefeated streak in wrestling history. Over the weekend, she hit the point of 166 consecutive wins which has her continuing to top Goldberg's streak of 155 victories in a row from the late '90s, as per WrestleZone.

Of course, some fans may not find this to be totally accurate since WWE regards Goldberg's WCW undefeated streak to be 173 in a row. While that may be true and Asuka may not have beaten his streak by WWE record standards, she is still awfully close to doing it.

As for Paul Heyman managing Asuka, that remains to be seen as she still needs to be called up to the main roster first. If she does become a client of Heyman, it will make sense as ComicBook.com reported he could help her with the language barrier aspect of things.

Obviously, he does a great job of being the mouthpiece for Brock Lesnar who brings the talent and muscle.

wwe rumors paul heyman client girl asuka nxt undefeated streak brock lesnar
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If Asuka forms that partnership with Paul Heyman on the WWE main roster, it wouldn't be the first time he has had another client.

In the past, Heyman managed the likes of Curtis Axel, Ryback, and CM Punk as well. Ryback and Curtis Axel had some of their greatest success in WWE when they were under the guidance of Heyman, and it didn't really hurt CM Punk's career either.

Asuka has recently turned heel in NXT and brought about a new attitude to go with her long title reign as Women's Champion. Whenever WWE decides to bring her up to the main roster, she may keep that persona, and it would fit in perfectly with Paul Heyman and give him someone else to manage while Lesnar takes his breaks.

For now, this is all just a rumor and some speculation, but a lot of signs appear to be pointing toward the first on-camera "Paul Heyman Girl" arriving on the scene soon.

Paul Heyman has been doing just fine with Brock Lesnar as his lone primary and only client over the years. He has had others such as Curtis Axel and CM Punk, but none with the longevity or success of Lesnar. Asuka is easily one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, and she has proven that with her NXT Women's Championship reign and historic undefeated streak. If she does become the first on-screen "Paul Heyman Girl," she will only dominate in an even greater fashion.

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